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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Understanding the hype

What is all the hype about?
I was asking my self this question the first time I watched Twilight.
I do not see why this guy is making girls every where go crazy.

But somewhere in the middle of the movie I was hooked!
I fell totally and irrevocably for Edward Cullen.
The entire Cullen family infact.
The love story, and the man behind Edward, Rob Patz.
I really can't tell you why.
My theory is maybe its just remembering first love.
Remembering the purity of it all.

I am awaiting for Friday when I will get to go see the latest in the saga, Breaking Dawn part 1.

The excitement is addicting!
I have waited in line and in the theater for 2 hours to see some of the films.

This year I got my tickets early.
I am also fighting sinuses and my voice is going out.
I really hope that I will feel better tomorrow than I do today.
It will not be fun to hear screams from giggly teens with a sinus headache.

So what is the hype? What is it that made a fandom as big or bigger than the trecky's?
Maybe it's the magic that is in the story and on the screen.

Hope you have a magical time at the theaters this weekend!

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