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Thursday, December 22, 2011

31 reasons to love Christmas

In honor of my new Thirty-One adventure
I am giving you 31 reasons to love Christmas time.
In no particular order.
What is Thirty-One?
Check it out.

31 Egg Nog
30 Yummy treats!
29 pretty lights
28 Shopping fun
27 Candy Canes
26 Hot cocoa
25 Santa Claus
24 Christmas Movies
23 Saying You'll Shoot You Eye Out! (Over n over for no real reason)
22 Dirty Santa Games
21 Family Photos
20 Food and more Food!
19 Leaving Cookies for Santa
18 Grandparents
17 Reading Night Before Christmas
16 Wrapped under a blanket with loved ones
15 Warm fireplaces
14 Holiday themed jewelry
13 Family traditions
12 Getting to wear ugly sweaters
11 Christmas Parties!
10 Church Pageants
9 Giving to the Angel Tree
8 Giving to others
7 Young faces light up
6 Seeing those you haven't seen all year
5 Travel
4 Time off from work
3 Kids are out on break
2 Time with Family
1 Remembering what its all about the Birth of Jesus! 

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