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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas for all

My gift from my G-ma
This weekend we attended our first Christmas event of the holiday's.
I think a lot of families got together this weekend.
All of the little traditions that each family has is what makes the time special.
My Mom and sister and I usually bake and make candy treats between Thanksgiving and Christmas.
That's just a little thing we like to do.

This weekends at our family get together we ate and exchanged gifts with my grandma.
I love my gifts from her each year because its always something she hand made.
This year I got wonderful kitchen towels and she made the hangers for them.

And afterwards the Adults always play Dirty Santa.
There is always a fight over something.
And this year was no different.
Its all fun though, not to worry.
No one gets elbowed in the eye or anything.

Some of my family back home had a family party too.
I was unable to attend but I did get to enjoy pictures that were posted.
One of the traditions they have is to play dirty Santa with Christmas ornaments.
What a precious keepsake to have each year.

Each family is different and new traditions get made every year.
A girl friend of mine had her first family party this year.
They prove that all families are not alike.
At the event held at her sisters house they watched videos made by each other,
the sisters died each others hair, and they played a entertaining game of "Jerry Springer"
Yes, Im seri...
No really, no lie.
They made up stories of their spouses cheating and having each other's babies.
All the while their 70 something year old father watched and laughed.

Whatever your hoilday traditions, Have a Merry Christmas!


  1. Love it!!!
    Merry christmas!!
    Love you!!

  2. Hope you have a Merry Christmas too..Love what Grandma made for you.


  3. Thank you Chris! Don't you just love homemade gifts from grandma? You have a wonderful Christmas! I am so happy you found my blog. Come back soon!