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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dream big or go home!

I always dream bigger than life.
A dreamer I am to the core.
I imagine to be an artist dreaming is a requirement.
My whole life I have lived half in another world.
TV, books, or my own wiring but I think my fave place to hang, is in music.
Music has such a great power.
Different parts of one song can speak differently to each person.
I think clearly while music is on.
When I was in technical college I would plug in my head phones and listen to music. It helped me to focus oddly enough.
If you do not have dreams then what do you focus on?
What do you look forward too?
Some of my dreams scare me even.
For example I have always wanted to go on a cruise.
Yet thinking of being on the huge vast ocean without any sign of land terrifies me!
Did you hear my breath catch just then?
Another of my large dreams is a European trip.
I so love history.
I went to Canada in high school and loved it immensely.
I know that it would be 50 times greater to go to Paris, London, Italy, and a few places in between!
After 9-11 I am afraid to fly.
If you can not tell I have a few phobias.
And they can be paralyzing at times.
Yet I still dream.
I still want to do these things one day.
Set goals, yes be realistic.
But if you can not Dream big I don't think you are living true to your self.
And if your not true to yourself then who are you true too?
 What is bigger than the Eiffel tower?

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