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Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
I know we sure did.

My son made out great!
I think that he got everything he asked for.

We even made a quick trip to Oklahoma
to visit.
My grandmother had a as good a Christmas as my son.
We got her a Kindle, I hope she really enjoys it.

I even got to show off our photography skillz.

I learned that my brother is addicted to coffee.
No way I could drink that much coffee.
I learned that people will line up outside WalMart
even in freezing weather just to get a deal.

I waited in my warm car.
I'm no dummy.

On Christmas Day we spent the day with my brothers
sister and parents and the kids.
My son and his cousin decided to chug Hot sauce.
Too funny.
They barley got it out of the neck of the bottle.
But the way they acted you would have thought
they drank the entire bottle.
After that My Mom and Niece competed to see
who could drink down jalapeno sauce the fastest.
My Mom won. lol
I even caught it on video.
Yes we do crazy things on Christmas.

We ended the holiday with a very early shopping trip
this morning.
Where I got to have a nice breakfast with just my
And he bought me a very pretty ring that is my birthstone.

Hope that your Christmas was as good as mine!

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