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Monday, December 12, 2011

Unhappy to the Death

You know I write about happiness a lot.
I see some around me who are not happy.
I see that a better life is within their reach.
Some are just too afraid to try.
Too afraid to hope possibly.
Maybe they are comfortable residing in the current state of which they are.
I have to question why.
I write to try and speak to my readers hearts and minds.
I am a problem solver by nature.
I am a fixer.
Sometimes it is hard for me to know I can not help.
I can not do my word-ly magic.

A few days ago Steve Harvey was the guest on the Dr Oz show.
He has written a couple books.
He is a comedian if you are unaware.
His books somehow came out to appear that he knows a lot about relationships.
Whether he does or does not.
He said He was just being honest, telling what he knows from his own past experiences.
His outlook is a different way of looking at things.
Possibly because he's a man, ladies you ever notice how foreign men can be?
The thing that struck me was what Dr Oz said.
If a man is not happy in his marriage/relationship, he will lose 4 years off his life.
Do you know how many a woman loses of she is unhappy?
12 years off her life she loses If she is not happy with her life/relationship.
I was floored.
My guess was zero.

Sadness is too hard on us women.
An idea maybe I have known, that might explain my constant urges for your happiness.

Steve had some great thoughts.
His book is probably worth the read.
One tip he gave to "re-program your mans brain" was, no nagging.
Instead of complaint that your man has not taken out the trash,
Compliment him.
Tell him that he's so strong that you need him to take out the trash for you.

Hey it's worth a shot.
Check out the book.
Straight talk, no chaser
Find it hereStraighttalknochaserSteveHarvey

As always, it's just some food for thought!

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