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Thursday, December 1, 2011

x-mas is upon us

Little Danny enjoying our beautifully lit tree
Its that time again.
Time for crowded streets at any time of the day.
Rude people at every store.
Long lines, and even longer ones.

I ventured out again this year for black Friday.
Actually I was out all Thursday night starting at 10pm.

We got home around 4 Am and half my party was still raring to go!
Well that could have something to do with the 2 cups of coffee that she, who I wont name, had at 11 at a pit stop at the Ihop, Mom.

Yeah, she said we were all going home to sleep and would resume at 5, that didn't happen, haha.
But it was a very different experience from my other Black Friday excursions in the past.
I had never seen Walmart so crowded. I was in a line at Kohl's that wrapped around the store twice, waiting for hours.(Well My dear husband was. We put him in line shortly after arrival to be a place holder.)

But I'm getting off topic here.
My point is, that Yes people around us may be rude.
You may stand in line for a very long time.
You may not have any coffee to fuel you.
But the looks on the faces you bought for,
Well that makes it all worth it.

I did title this entry X-Mas.
But I am not one to use that wording.
I don't really like it at all.
For this purpose though I needed an X
Yes I am winding down my Alphabet challenge.
I am sure by the lack of regular posts you could tell
that I was having trouble.
Some letters I would have to ponder for a few days.
I did grow as a writer from it, so it served it's purpose.

I like to blog about my interest's.
Things that mean something to me, and so it took a bit of
thinking on a few of the letters in the Alphabet.
Its Christmas time and I wanted to write about that.
So I improvised. But Taking the CHRIST out of Christmas?
That is impossible.
Some may try, inserting an X here a Happy Holiday's there.
I have seen a few upset by the Holidays phrase.
But really its just that we have so many this time of year.
That one does not bother me.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our lord.
I don't think that can be changed do you?
It will always be the day of his birth.
And therefore it will remain CHRISTmas forevermore.

I have been told a time or two that I sound like I am preaching a bit in my blogging.
I am sorry if I offend you. No one is making you read me.
Although I do appreciate every single one who does.
As I said I write about what I am passionate about, I write what I know.
And I am passionate about the Lord.

This Christmas when you are on the road
and its taking you much longer to get anywhere.
When you are standing in lines and your feet hurt.
When someone is rude to you out and about.
Keep the smiling faces in your mind.
Think about the family time you will soon be having.
Sitting around a warm fireplace snuggled up to a lit tree,
with your hot cocoa in hand.

It will all be worth it in just a very short time.


  1. X-mas! Boo! Congratulations on staying committed to your alphabet thingy! LOL. I miss you chica! As for the preaching, could we expect anything less??? LOL. I'm doing a contest for My Memories Digital Software on my blog if you wanna come sign up!


  2. haha Miss you too! I stopped by and entered your contest! Have a great Christmas!

  3. i found your blog i loveeeeeeeeee it how do i keep getting them would love read them all this cindy jason cuz you need write a book too girl your awesome . i a follower now if i find out how to be one lol i having a blonde moment and i not blonde lol

  4. Thank you Cindy. So glad you like it. If you have a Gmail account you can follow with that. or Yahoo also, I'm not sure if it emails them to you or not. The links for that are on the left side of the blog here. I used to post daily but I don't have that much time anymore. I am posting regularly again though. I have been writing a few novels actually, thanks for the complement. I am so happy you found me and that you love it! I love when I get a commenter! haha! Have a great day!