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Saturday, December 29, 2012

What it's all about!

It's about your family, the people you love.
It's about your life and the things you hold dear.
And finding a job that lets you enjoy all that and
make ends meet.

It is not about your job. Everything else does not fit neatly
in a box to be death with when you get home.

Not if your doing it right in my opinion.
Yes, your family needs money to survive.
They need food on the table and clothes on their backs.

But you know what, they THRIVE and Survive on LOVE.
Pure and simple.

What do your kids see when they look at you?
What are you teaching them with your words and actions?

I knew as a teenager that I and the man I chose to marry would
be about family first.
God would provide the rest.

Those moments when the camera is on a shelf and your spending time
together, those are the ones you will always remember.
So will your kids.
Get down on their level. Let them sit on your lap.
Watch a Disney movie, eat popcorn, joke, laugh, tickle, above all
enjoy this!

You will regret it deeply if you live your life for a job.
Your kids will grow up and be gone.
They won't come home because its just an old house.
Home is in the heart of your parents'.
It's where you feel love the moment you pull in the drive way.
Its when you tear up when it's time to leave.

And I promise you now, if you cant spend time with your babies
and show them they are the most important thing in your life, they
will not have that.

I admit I have a "fix it" complex with a bit of control problem in me.
I also speak my mind. If you are close to me and I love you, I'm gonna tell
it how it is. I get that from my granny.
She believes as do I, that if you love me back you will forgive, if not,
Sorry but that's how I feel deep in my heart.

I want all those I love to have the best relationship with everyone in their life they
possibly can have.
And that is why I chose this topic.
Plus, I needed to vent. lol

So this new year think about How your kids see you.
Is it the way you want them to see you?

Friday, December 21, 2012

CFP Winner Announced

Today is the day I announce the winner of the book
Cure For Pain by nm Facile!!!

I am sorry I could not get to it yesterday.
I am very busy with Christmas baking, shopping,
and wrapping presents.

Thank goodness for coffee!

If you do not win this is a great read and I recommend
that you read it anyway.
here is a few links where you can purchase it, in both hard
copy and ebook versions.

These are a few of the Authors links if you wish to follow her.

The winner is MELISSA KIMBLE!!!!!
Congrats Melissa nm will be sending you a copy soon!

Merry Christmas to all my readers!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Messy Men leaves Mom a Messy Place

I was sick for an entire week.
And what does that mean for a housewife?

Yep, You know it.
I came out of the fog to find a house Completely MESSY!
Dirty dishes everywhere!
Trash All over!
Dirty Floors!

Yep, I have 2 boys in my house besides me, so
when mom is sick the house is sick too.

So I have been cleaning up the house,
catching up on my writing,
awaiting any news from the Publisher (Central Avenue),
And checking my Christmas list twice!


Our First official holiday party begins this weekend.
Are you ready for Christmas yet?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Cure For Pain is a great book!

Today I am talking about a new book Cure For Pain by NM Facile.
I have and Interview with her as well as a copy of the book to
Give a way too!

So I loved Cure For Pain. Ty Jaden is a newly reformed heroin dealer on parole, or is he reformed at all?
All Ty wants is enough money to get out of town and go somewhere warm and sunny.
And he is very close to that when he meets an Angel, Mary Flynn.
Mary is a volunteer for a safe works place which is just such a place Ty should stay away from.
Everyone tells Mary that Ty is dangerous and bad for her to stay away.
But who doesn't love a bad boy, right?

I couldn't put it down. NM always gives great characters and her writing draws you right in.
Her visuals are great and I always love her characters immediately.
It's a steamy love story that's sure to make you lose sleep if like me you read in bed.
I never wanted to put it down to go to sleep.

This is the perfect time of the year to curl up with a great book and a cup
of cocoa so get your copy and do just that!

Here is a short interview I did with her last week.

How does it feel to have your 2nd book published?
Reassuring. Having the second one published tells me the first wasn't just a fluke. It also makes it easier to start on a third book, just knowing that I can actually do it.
When you submitted Across The Hall did you think you wanted to pursue writing full time? Or were you surprised at how far you have come?
I've wanted to be an author since high school. I even started Across the Hall in college. I didn't think I would be able to write full time for a long time yet, with kids at home, but Across does well enough that I'm able to devote more time to writing. What did surprise me was how quickly it all happened. The publishing world is changing and the old days of submitting a book and waiting months or years for an answer are no longer here. The big publishing houses are still like that but small houses work faster and sales can be just as big as they are with a large publisher.
Across The Hall did so well that now your books are being printed for sale as well as in digital format. Does that have any impact on how you see your self as a writer?
In some ways it does. Personally I knew that I wrote a book and people were reading it, but for some family members not being able to hold that book made it harder for them to grasp. Once the book was printed and they could see it, my job became real. Having a printed book does validate me as an author some, but I've been reading ebooks for years and I've always seen that as the way books sales would go.
I read that you are working on something new, can you tell us anything about it?
I'm just in the early stages of pulling all the ideas together. I'm planning to have it set in the 1950s. It's about choices and missed opportunities.
Who is your favorite Author?
That is a harder question for me because I read different genres. My favorite romance author is Jude Deveraux. Thriller author is J. D. Robb. Fantasy author is George RR Martin. Fiction author is Howard Fast.
And just for fun, what is one thing you want for Christmas?
Well I just got a new laptop early and that was what I really wanted. I would love to get a year subscription to Movie Pass
So Do you want to win a copy of the book and a CFP Bookmark?
To enter to win comment with your name below.
For an extra entry:
 share this page on your Twitter or Facebook
then in the comments section leave the URL so that I can see you posted it.
Winner to be announced Thursday Dec 20th.  

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

View from the End

So much to say,
I'll begin with the view.
Today on The View was the tribute show to One Life.
I teared up when the hosts gave Erika Slezak a standing ovation.
What an amazing moment in television.
Of the 43 years that OLTL ran, Erika was on the show for 41 of them.
Robin Strasser who played Dorian Lord Erika's character Vicki's long time frienemy was also on the view.
Watching the two of them as friends is wonderful.
They can not even talk about working with each other without tearing up themselves.
Also joining them on the view was Robert S Woods, Hilary B Smith, Kassie and James Depavia, Judith Light and more.
Even Robert aka Bo Buchanan lived in Lanview and our hearts since 1979.
So many have met their spouses through daytime.
Including the Depavias, Judith light, even Kelly Ripa of Live with Kelly, formerly Regis and Kelly,met her husband on All My Children.
On to the show and final episode.
What a way to end!
You seen that twist coming right?
Well I didn't. Wow I was happy with the end. It did raise a few questions of how the stories will go after the crossover to GH with those going.
It was a touching an emotional ending to a great Era in tv.
A show I will miss greatly. Come Monday I will not know what to do with myself.
I hope that you other fans were as pleased with the send off as I was.

I saw mama kissing Santa Claus!

Christmas coming soon and if you have children you know all about Santa Claus.
My own son is 11 now and has asked about if Santa is real.
Of course we have always said yes he's real!

This year I know we are pushing it.
I have even asked what he wants from Santa and he has ignored
The question.

The myth of Santa makes this holiday so magical and special.
So I wonder if my son is just letting us continue with it all because he sees
Our excitement for him.

So how should one approach this subject once the time has come?
I read an article from a blog post this morning that was the sweetest thing.
A letter to her daughter explaining it all.
It actually teared me up, and I wanted to share it with my readers.

Here is the link.

Good luck!
If you have already told your kids in a unique way post below
And give us some ideas.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a busy time at the Johnson house.
Zach is out of school for the rest of the week.
I am starting the food today that I will take for dinner tomorrow.
Also Starting some shopping today for Christmas.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow,the day to eat way too much,
Cheat on my diet, and look through black Friday ads over and over.

My thirty- one mom is celebrating her one year anniversary with the company
This weekend with a party.

And I'm thinking some rest would be great.
It has not even begun yet!

I am also excitedly waiting on word from Central Avenue Publishing
About a manuscript I sent them.

Speaking of publishing I am reading Cure For Pain by N.M. Facile available
Now on Amazon.
Check back soon for an interview with her and review of the book.

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.
And try to squeeze in a little rest for me!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

So my very first post I gave you a you might be a Housewife if line...

Well here is a new one  for you.
If your husband asks where are you going? Why are you dressed up?

Well dear, I am not dressed up. I just have jeans and a shirt on. haha
I told him no where, it's Halloween, little kids will be coming by.
Then I realized, I don't actually get dressed most days. I wear pjs or a pull over dress.
So I see his point.

Happy Halloween!
Be safe tonight and wear something that glows.
Have a great night!

Friday, October 26, 2012

11 going on twenty

So our son is almost 11 going on 20 and he is learning the violin and is very crafty.
He's a little artist in his own right.
He has a craving to travel and learn new cultures.
I see do many great things he can do with his life.

Last night we had a discussion with him about drugs.
How he can have all he wants in life and be a successful person one day.
So long as he stays away from drugs.

Schools do inform your children of the dangers of drugs and alcohol but I think there's still things to talk about at home.
Some have drug abuse in their family and addictive tendencies that may affect more than one of your child's relatives, and I think that's vital knowledge they need to know and understand.

I wish all you parents out there the best of luck with your children and bright futures ahead for them!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Writing, an Outlet

Some of you may know this,
but when I write many times I sit and am not
exactly sure where it will go.

I may have a topic in mind,
but it comes from me.

I let my fingers do the work and just let
it flow.

I hear people say, I wish I could write.
Well, do.
sit down and see what comes out.
You may really be surprised.

Do you notice that at times there is a
lowercase i in my posts.
Its not really a typo.

My father wrote poetry.
He was not the best at grammar.
His i's were always lowercase.
I think it was out of not knowing.
But I like to leave mine sometimes as a tribute.

So writing can be anything you make it.
As long as you make it yours.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

been around..

My Motto has been
Everything that happens
Happens for a Reason,
ever since I was 16 or 17.

That has really been a strong presence in my life.
There have been things I wish I could change.
Like my father dying.

There have been things I have tried to change.
Like empowering women.

There has also been things I can not change.
Like the women that no matter what I do I
can not reach.

I used to completely run from change,
I was afraid or unwilling to seek a newness.

I do remember that time. I do feel the negative aurora that
fear and stubbornness had placed there.

I did however learn in time to embrace change and accept new things.
Change brings greatness if you let it.

I feel a change coming. I do not know in what form, but I can feel
it peeking at me from behind the wall, as if it is watching the "little fat girl,"
just waiting to introduce it's self to her. Like a best friend waiting to be.

I know that I haven't blogged in a few weeks. I have had some topics for you.
Even have some typed up that I haven't posted.
It has been a crazy time here.
With school starting back, my son picking up a new hobby in the form of
learning the violin, and stuff going on with friends.

But my writing bone has been calling to me.
It it almost NaNoWriMo time again.
I failed last year, but i have been thinking of trying again.
Because what is life, if you never even try?
It's no life at all.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moments That Lead

Do you ever think about what you've been through?
Where you are now?
What you want for your future?

All the experiences you have
make up who you will become.

The tears you cry guide you on down the river toward the future.
The laughs carry you toward moments yet to be.
Your fears mold you into what you are.
And your family is the crutch on which u lean, that will you get there.

Even the things that now seem small, were once huge mountains you climbed.
Some moments you faced you had to push yourself, but in the end they mattered.

Some days were the hardest you faced.
And others the best of them all.

All adding up to the you, you have become.
Moments still wait ahead, to create the you who you will be.

We are never finished growing.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

School time

So its Back-To-School time already.
Where did the Summer go?
I haven't finished my Summer to do list yet.

It really seems a lot shorter this year.
I think the high heat keep us in most days and
stole our Summer Vacation.

So now everyone is thinking toward school clothes, back packs,
and school supplies.

Here in Missouri this weekend is the tax free weekend.
That signals the end of staying up late for the kiddos and early
morning wake ups.

Hope you all enjoy the last week or two with your kids on break.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be YoU, Be What Is True

I may have written about this before.
But it is something that I have an issue with.
I do not like to see women lose them selves when they get a new man.
Now that I am thinking about it, I am realizing that they probably do not know who they are to begin with.

I very much don't like to see a woman give up her path, her dreams, and what she wanted.
Only to blindly follow the ways of her new man.

I see it too often.
We fought for our rights to be equal and to do what our heart desires.

The man for you will bring out the best parts of you.
He will encourage you to strive, to be more and do more if it's what you want.
He will complement you, not take away from you.

Don't give up nursing to become a mechanic, don't become all about horses and forget to live your life.
Don't give up on your dreams of school and settle for the job you have now when you want do much more.

Let your man be him.
And you be you.

Have your dreams, your hopes, your likes or dislikes.
Be your own person and he will love you more because YOU are what attracted him in the first place.

Just remember ladies that the woman inside you is who you are meant to be.
If you deny her, one day all that you have built on this mountain of fake, following, behavior will crumble.

The foundation of a real relationship, a true relationship that has lasting power is built upon TRUTH.

If you share interests that's wonderful!
Don't be fake to keep him though.
If he is meant to stay, to love you, he will. Period.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bachelorette Emily

So this is a house wife blog and the stereotype house wife loves tv. Well I love tv anyway! Haha

So what did you think of the Bachelorette the men tell all last night?
I laughed and laughed.

Emily has two men left Arie and Jeff I always thought Arie would be her pick from their first date.

After her comment last night about being attracted to tattooed homeless looking guys, I'm leaning toward Jeff. Haha

I really believed that Shaun was the guy for her. She sat and cried and cried after he left. How many times does that happen?

So which guy would you have chosen/do choose for Emily?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Compelling vision

My director with Thirty One has given me homework this week to come up with my compelling vision.
I created one that is about traveling with my family to Europe some day.
I did not have anything great for today's blog so I thought I would share my photo with all of you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


So I am still reading Steven Tyler's book.
Still loving it.
The picture he paints with his words grab me.
I laugh till I cry, my heart fills with memories
of how I sounded just like him in my younger days.
He is, as I, a poet at heart.
An artist in all rights.
I never would have guessed
that I would feel kindred to a Rock Star of all people.

I usually devour a book, this one is taking me a bit longer with
summer and the kiddo out of school.

Like last night when Zach and I stayed up late and watched
Wild America.

If you are a fan of Aerosmith I recommend this book.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

weekend plans?

So How is everyone's summer going?
Ours is good so far.

Celebrating our Anniversary with the Hubbs this weekend.
12 years so far.

What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reading Corner: book 2

"Life is short.
Break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly,
laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that makes you smile."__Steven Tyler

I picked up Steven Tyler's Does The Noise In My Head Bother You?
A Rock 'N' Roll Memoir, at the library and I love it!

He reminds me of myself as a teenager.
With the exception of the drugs, fame, fashion style,
and oh yes, I'm a girl.

That quote at the top there is similar to something I might have wrote myself
when I was in high school.

I was a dreamer, and I can say Steven T is one of the biggest dreamers
I have have read, even still.

From watching American Idol and The interview Oprah had with him not long
ago, I can tell that he has a huge heart!
I think that must be rare in his profession.

I have not read much of the book yet.
I have been trying to catch up with Thirty-One, and enjoying my summer.
As well as pre-reading a friends new book to help with any advice from the
readers prospective.
Last night I spent my reading hours introducing my son to the Wonderful World
of the Back To The Future Trilogy.

I have already fallen in love with this book only 2 chapters in.
I did not start Reading Corner to give a book review as many blogs I have seen.
Only to fill you in on my goings on, and offer my thoughts on it.

Let me know if any of you pick up a copy. We can discuss it in the comment section below.

I do still have my own book lingering in my thoughts.
It has been calling me the last few days.
I may return to it soon. I had first thought that it was done and it was time to
work toward the preparing for publishing side.
Now I think It needs a lot more work. If I can get started and work hard
maybe by Jan. I will be there.

What are you reading this summer?
Or are you writing instead?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Silver Dollar Fun

I know I did not post Thursday.

I was at the Dr. with a UTI.
Mackenzie's family came up and we all went to
Silver Dollar City Friday.

It was a nice day to go it really wasn't too hot.
But being the first weekend of Kids Fest it was super packed.
The lines were at least an hour long.
We were also disappointed that we could not pin down sponge bob.

We had a fun time anyway.
The funniest thing was watching my Husband and my friend Charla on the barn swing.
Sitting side by side, He with his hands in the air laughing and having the best time; Her with face scrunched all up,
eyes closed, screaming her head off!
We lit a fire that night and made smores in the back yard,
and grilled Kabobs the next day.

I was sad the next day when Mackenzie told me that she
missed her family and decided to go home with them.

I am now feeling better and looking forward to other things planned for
this summer.
4th Of July is coming soon and I am busy planning that.

I have also started reading Steven Tyler's Rock N Roll Memoir.
I LOVE it!!!

Stay tuned for more on that this Thursday.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Too Much TV

Wasn't that a title of a Bernstine Bear book ages ago?
Too Much TV.

I think Mama and Papa bear were tired of thier kids sitting in front of the TV
all day long.

Well this Mama Bear is up to her eye balls sick of 2 lazy kids doing
nothing but watching TV all summer long.
"Get out side" I say.
"Its too hot" they tell me.

We have a pool go get in it.
I was right, I found the book to back me up.

What do you all do when you have lazy cubs only interested in watching

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Reading

Are you catching up on some summer reading?

We took the kids to the library to get a library card this week.
They had a blast in there.
We have a huge library here with a Teen and Kids section.
It makes it so easy to find exactly what they are looking for.

I even found the Stephen Tyler biography I have been wanting
to check out.
I also picked up a copy of the 2011 writers guide.
Wow it has so much great info!
And its huge!

Still reading the Maureen McCormick story.
I don't want to give too much away,
so I wont.

Read it. :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Reading Corner

When you think of snuggling up in a cozy corner to read a good book,
do you think of reading about Drugs, TV, eating disorders,
family turmoil, and struggling to find ones self?

Not usually, no.

I am reading Maureen McCormick's biography.

Here's the Story: Surviving Marcia Brady
and Finding My True Voice

You know her, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!
Yup the eldest Brady Daughter.

Although she probably doesn't even like being known as such
after all these years Marsha Brady has haunted her life.
The book debuted in 2008 as number 4 on the New York Times
best sellers list and stayed there for 3 weeks.

She has lead a very interesting life.
Seeing so many things and places,
some of the things she has seen and done I could not begin to
imagine myself, coming out on the other side whole.

She is an amazing woman in my opinion for that alone.
The drug abuse, bulimia, and other things she went through
are life lessons that I am sure would break me.

I am on part 2 of the book so far.
She has gone back to even include her grandparents histories
as well as her parents.
I knew that The Brady Bunch was filmed years ago but until she wrote
of her grandparents in WW2 I had not thought about how long ago it was.
The histories of her grandparents and parents are just a fascinating as her own.

I have already read up to the end of the Brady Years and those right after.
It is a wonderful read.
I hardly want to put it down.

Have any of you read the book?
Any one now interested to read it?
Leave your thoughts below, I would love to hear what you think.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Surprise

So What was the surprise we had for the kids last weekend?

We went to Branson to the Titanic museum and the Dixie Stamped.
Zach has been asking for months to go to the Titanic museum.
He watched the movie and has been interested in it ever since.
It's a very neat experience.
You get a boarding pass when entering the ship, and it has a Story of an actual person who was on board the Titanic.

Us at the Titanic Museum
You find out at the end if you lived or died.
Zach's favorite part was the cold water.
There's a water hole that is the temperature of the water that night.
It challenges you to keep your hand in it for just 3 minuets.
We lasted about 30 seconds.
Can you imagine being fully submerged into freezing cold water?
We even got to sign a book that will go in the library of congress To commemorate the 100th year since the sinking.

Mackenzie's favorite thing was the Dixie Stampede.
She loves horses.
They hardly took their eyes off the show.
The water brings out a chicken and places it on their plates,
She looks up at me and says, "you call this chicken small?"
Then she says, "you made me get all dressed up to eat with my fingers?"
It was so much fun to watch their faces as they watched the show.
We had a blast!
It only took mom and dad 2 days to recover. :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Montage

So in your time out, as a housewife have you ever found yourself saying,
"Hunny, your 40 years old don't show me the raw fish in your mouth."
No I was not talking to my grown son, it was my husband. haha

Yes, life as a housewife is never dull.
If it is for you, would you like to come hang out with my family for a day?

You know the flash back montages you see in movies?
This might be what you would see in the movie of my life.

Kid gripping the banister while dad tries to toss kid into pool, knee sliding across the hardwood floors, family wearing 3D glasses in a theater, husband in too short cut off blue jean shorts, naked baby standing in a boat seat, hanging upside down on a roller coaster; dad has hands in the air while the boy has his eyes squeezed tight, Halloween and mom is in a hot pink bob wig, and dad sitting in a restaurant showing us his chewed up food.

Happy Living :)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Mother's Day Weekend

I know that I have missed 2 post days. I have been down with sinuses.
Feeling a bit better today.

So how was everyone's Mothers Day?
Mine was good.
We met my friend Charla and her family half way between us and them.
Her little Mackenzie is going to stay with us for a few weeks again this summer.
Not having a little girl of my own I tell her that she can share hers with me.
So I guess its fitting that we shared her on Mothers Day. lol

My son Zach made me a card, a coupon book, and a clay figure of my head.
He also gave me his Jacob New Moon "action figure."
I guess he has outgrown it. haha

I have already used some of my coupons. I had some like:
Zach makes mom a drink
Zach makes your bed
Zach will make you a sandwich
Zach will clean the living room.

Then after I got home I went down and visited with my mom.
Had a nice visit and helped her set up her Blue-ray player.

We have been planing a fun weekend for the kids it's a big surprise!
I will post pictures and let you in on the surprise next time.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Summer is here!

Saturday felt like summer has officially arrived.
I spent the morning in the hot sun at a vendor event for One Sole Purpose, with my Thirty One booth.
Then had a chocolate custard milkshake.
Went home and jumped in the pool for an hour.
Got my first sunburn, very red sunburn.
Hubby killed a brown recluse spider in the kitchen.
And boy was I tired.

What have you done so far that makes it feel like Summer?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye to Excuses

With all the things in this world that are against us why would anyone put obstacles in their own way?

I know a few who maybe dont even realizes they are doing it.

Are you full of excuses?
I can't do what I want because I just don't have the time...
I don't have the money...
I don't know how...
I have never done that before...
What if I don't like it???

First, stop making excuses.
If you want something there is always a way to get it.

Not enough money?
Can you cut back on one thing? Just one, pick something you can live without.

Not enough time?
Maybe it's time to re-group. Reevaluate what it is that you are spending all your free time doing.
Are you making unnecessary trips to town, Walmart, or anywhere you might be going to more than you need too.
For example, you drive home then remember that you need to pick up dinner. Only to discover an hour later that you need cigarets or gas, and off you go again.
Think of all that time wasted on several trips when if you were organized you could have picked up the kids, gone to the market, drove through the smoke shop and went home.
Wow, you just gave yourself an hour, maybe 2 that you didn't have.

Never done something before so your not even going to try it now?
Well what's your excuse?
I'm sorry not good enough.
Truth is your scared.
Yep, you are.
What can happen that could be so bad?
So someone might tell you No.
No is just a word, it can not cause you physical harm.

Get out of your own way!
Stop making excuses and give it a try.
I'm not just telling you what to do.
I follow my own advice too.
Well at least most of the time I do. Haha
How? I was afraid to try Japanese food. I have always been a picky eater.
I didn't want to go out to eat if I won't eat it.
But my mom and my husband had been wanting to go.
So we went a couple weeks ago.
I have to say it was very good.
My son even said it was the best noodles he ever had, and he is not a fan of noodles.

So I challenge you to step out side the box this week.
Take one of the things on your list that you have been making excuses for, and try it out.
If you need help I am a great problem solver.

Goodbye excuses!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brains are for thinking!

I had a post all typed up for today
I am going wait till Tuesday to post it.
As I was getting ready to put up today's blog
I came across an article that seemed a bit familiar and struck
a nerve.

How is it that in this day and age, after all that we have gained as a
society toward understanding others and the strides we have made in
the past 50 years to accept differences that some people still have
yet to learn to use their brain?

I am putting it as nicely as I can folks.
It seems  that Monday a family trying to fly out of J.F.K. airport missed
their flight due to security guards aggressively screening a 7 year old girl
with cerebral palsy.

Due to her crutches and leg braces she can not go through the metal detectors
and must submit to a pat down.

A pat down? Are you kidding me?
When I was 12 years old I went on an airplane for the first time with
my grandmother.
Having Cerebral Palsy myself I walk with the aid of crutches too.
They took me aside and ran a metal detector across me.
That is normal.

To pat down a mentally disabled child who does not understand the need for a
strange man to have his hands on her. Not Normal in my book.
The family does fly on occasion and her Mother always insists the security guards
should introduce them selves to her first.
These men reportedly handled the young girl aggressively instead.

Are they seriously thinking this family would be using their child to smuggle
a gun or other dangerous object onto a plane?

I have gone through times like this one in my day.
It is very frustrating to say the least.
If people would learn to use their brains things like this would not happen.
Little girls with disabilities would not be afraid to fly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paper love...

I have a very odd love for office supplies.
I walk onto an isle with paper, notebooks, day planners and I am instantly drawn in.

I am not sure what causes this phenomon but I love office supplies.I start to look at the day planners and the journals I begin thinking oh, what can I use that for?
Ooo! A pretty folder!
Yeah, I might need that...
I have collected many a day planner in my day.
Some I never even used.Maybe it's my love of writing that leads me to paper products.
When I went to vo-tech a few years ago I realized a need for organization.
All the great things that you can get to organize your desk and make it your own is a great tool.
I may not keep the rest of my house as organized as I would like.
But my desk I try to keep in line.
The paper isle is the key.
Do you have any unusual loves or obsessions?

Lights for Liam

Late last night I stumbled across a Facebook post
about leaving the Lights on for baby Liam.
My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check it out.
I Love Liam Lyon Facebook Page (I am not posting
photos here of the boy, out of respect for the family,
since I have not asked permission. But you can
see the beautiful baby on the links I post.)

I learned that last night people all across America were
leaving their porch lights on for support and prayer for a baby boy
named Liam Lyon.

This little boy is about a year old.
He was born with half of his heart, diagnosed with
hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Yesterday the Facebook page
Lights for Liam was started.
Those who live in apartments were even posting
that they had no porch light so they left every light in  the
place on.
Lights For Liam Facebook Page

This little boy is on the heart transplant list.
He has fought a hard battle for over a year now.
His parents have decided that they will not put
him back in his bed. Instead someone will hold
him at all times.

Reading it I felt how lucky I am that my son was
born healthy.
I was uncertain as to if he might have any problems, due
to my own disability.
Even though I felt that he would be OK. There were doubts,
even so.

So I said a prayer for the tiny boy, who even though he was only born with
half a heart, it was obviously the heart of a Lion.
He and his family are brave fighters.

Cherish those you love.
And remember the ones who are not as fortunate
as your self.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is your Superpower?

Its Tuesday, so that means a new post from your
favorite housewife.

As an am-mature author with my own love for reading,
I feel guilty sometimes when I am starting to read a new book.
I think, maybe I should be spending this time on my own manuscript?

Most of the time I read these days when I am in bed before
I am going to sleep.
That really is the time my brain works best.
Although I am in rest mode, laying down with my preferred
Kindle device of the moment.
So I continue to read other than get up out of bed to go type.

Thirty One keeps me so busy as well that I have over Thirty-oned my boys.
They get tired of hearing about it sometimes.
I know.
I am sorry, I am just a hard worker when I enjoy what I do.

I am so proud of myself that I earned my first kit for FREE this past 2 weeks.
My husband likes to say that I am a strong starter but not a good finisher.
I think he believes this because I am a lot like my grandpa.
I have many interests, and I will do one for a while and then try out a new one.
I still enjoy them all.
I have a whole room in my house devoted to my "fun."
Scrapbook, yarn, beads, books filled with my poetry,
and more!

There was a time in our lives that I got us through with selling
beaded jewelry.
I am thankful that even thou I was born with a disability, that God gave me
my brain.
You know I grew up surrounded by children who were wheelchair bound
and even their little brains couldn't work for them.
I was blessed to have mine, to have my artist personality, and at least one hand that
can type as fast as some can use two.

So while you may have something that hold you back from doing
what another can do, I am certain you were blessed
with your own superpower.

Happy Tuesday :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Titanic 100 years later...

Titanic in all it's Glory 1912
So I thought today was the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.
But I was mistaken, it's actually the 15th, that will be the 100th.

It's a huge event in our history.
The unsinkable, sinking.
The mysteries and great numbers that were lost.

With the movie associating the vast boat to Romanticism, we view it as though that were the true story, even though it was only a portrayal.

There are no living survivors any longer. The last died in 2009, she had only been 2 months old when on board the Titanic.

I have always been intrigued by the gigantic boat, I went to the theater to watch the movie as a teenager. I have even watched a few documentaries on the subject.
But it's not a day in history that I would have wanted to live.

Do you have an interest in History?
I enjoy learning about the past.
The ways in which things were done.

Things have changed so much.
Even this last 100 years the changes were so big that it's nothing like it was in 1900.

Clothes have gotten much lighter and smaller for one thing. :)

I could have been a history major, I seem to have a knack for retaining useless information.

Useless because it doesn't pertain to me or anything I am doing.
Not that history can't teach us anything.

We still use marine time safety that they learned from the sinking of the Titanic, for one.
Titanic as it now rests at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

Are you Celebrating?
Well I am!
Guess Why?
Ok I will tell you.
Because today is my

I started this blog one year ago today!
Yup I finally hit a milestone.
So What do you think?
Still Loving it as much?

I'm going to try and change things up a bit this year.
More on that in my next post. Which will be Tuesday.

So How should celebrate this occasion?
Pool Party?

How about a give-a-way?

Ok so here's how it goes.
Invite your friends to like my blog.
Have them come here to this page and Comment when they do.
They can say a quick hello, and I need them to give me YOUR name.
Tell me who invited them...They can then participate in this give-a-way as well.
The person with the most added friends will win a item from me from
Item to be announced in a later post!
I will Run this for the Month of April.
So get those fingers ready and start adding friends!

April Excitement

I have so many things going on in my head today.
I have 4 windows open on my explorer and they are for different things.
Easter is this weekend.
I have yet to get my son's basket stuff, Ahh!
We are taking a trip.
I have 7 Thirty-one parties book this weekend!
I have another blog for next week rambling around up there.
My Mary Kay lady is dropping off stuff today.
My Mary Kay lady will change after today.
Due to my Mom has signed up!
Congrats Mom, hope you get what you want from your new business.
Even if it's just cheap beautification products!
I have a few recruits in mind that I am hoping to help get into
the business of Bags!
Thirty-One that is.
I am a Purse lady so right now my excitement is trying to earn
an 8 piece kit for FREE!

I hope that you are have a wonderful Easter with your family.
I love seeing little kids all dressed up in pastels.
Whats the Easter bunny bringing to your house?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

For my readers...

She reached across the table,
Placed her hand on top of the familiar wrinkled, now spotted, hand of her grandmother that lay resting on the white linen table cloth.

She seen a tear escape her blue eye and slide down her grief filled, tear stained face.

Watched as a sigh left her lips, lips that had soothed her own little girl, troubles, aches, and pains during her youth.

She knew that her grandpa was in a better place. She also knew that the sadness that radiated from her grandmother was joined with relief.

Relief that he was now no longer in pain, that he was happier, and in a better place.

He was playing cards with the angels.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hey all!
How has everyone been?
I know, I just can not keep up here lately.
I still have yet to work on my
Manuscript, and it has been on my mind lately.
Last summer I wrote the bulk of it in 3 months.
Now I need to dig in and make it perfect.
Writing takes a certain mood and lots of quiet time that I haven't had much of lately.
My house has been taken over by 4 of the cutest little weeny puppies you ever seen.
They are not peaceful thou, unless you are watching them play.

So Easter is soon.
And my Thirty-one business is taking off.
My calendar is filling up fast.
I am wearing my poor hubby out!
But he's just glad that I am happy and doing something I enjoy.
I haven't heard from you all in a while.
Leave me a question below and I will pick one to answer it in a future post

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big 31 weekend

I had a big thirty-one weekend.
Had lots of fun Saturday.
First was my niece Creedence had her first birthday party.
That was fun watching her eat her cupcake and smear it into her pony tail.

Got to visit with my sisters family from up north, including N.M. Facile my author friend I have told you about.
She has a new book coming out later this year. I'm excited for its release!
I will keep you informed about that.
Meanwhile you can look up Across the Hall and read it while you are waiting.

So I went straight from there to a prom party event held by men's warehouse.
Where I was a vendor, and I was able to showcase my thirty one business.

My mother and my thirty-one mom, Rachel helped me out. And I even got my husband to hang around for the event.

Then on Sunday I was able to attend my first real Celebrate and Connect meeting.
We get training, tips, and info to help us grow our business.
And we even got a free product from the company.

It's so much fun to meet new ladies and learn about this wonderful company!

So I had a great weekend,
And now I'm enjoying one of my favorite things, Twilight is on FX tonight!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glitz and Glam

I am very behind again with my blog.
I am a very busy lady lately.
We have a puppy that needs fed by hand and a house I can not keep clean, no matter what I do.

I have been working on a dress for Mackenzie the past few months.
Her pageant was this past weekend that I was making it for.

It looked very cute on her.
Not bad for my first try at something like that.
I took my tutu skills and bow making skills and mingled them together to make one Princess Tiana dress.

She did a great job on her princess and the frog dance.
My son even got on stage as the frog turned prince- again, to dance her off the stage.
It was very cute!
I wish I had it all on video.

We went all the way to Oklahoma city.
Stayed at a hotel, swam in the pool, played in the hot tub, fixed hair and re- fixed hair.

But we had lots of fun!
The pageant was so much fun.
I loved watching the kids on stage.
They are so adorable!
I especially loved the pouty faces from the 5 and 6 year olds.

As I was writing this I learned that one of my favorite little girls from the pageant, her name is Jaclynn, had a seizure yesterday and they are on their way back to the hospital to rule out meningitis.
Step 1 Find a Dress!
Let's keep this little girl in our prayers please. 
Step 2 Add Sequin Straps

Step 3 Sequin the waist
Step 4 Show this teaser photo on Facebook. (Which I did)
All Done!

Lastly Wear it! Show it off!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catch up

Im so behind on my blog!
Last week I had half of a post for you on American idol but have been so busy I didn't get it finished.
So If you follow AI you know this week is the first week you can call in and vote!

So here are my favorites so far.
I feel these will be in final 10.
Colton Dixion is in my top 3.
He didnt want to audition this year after getting sent home last year on judgement day. He was just there for moral support for his little sister.
She unfortunately did not make it through Hollywood week .

Phil Phillips, I love him!
A pawn shop worker who has all this talent!
I think he's my favorite.

And I really like Reid Grimm as well.
Very talented young man.

Ok so that's my top 3.
Also making it after being sent home last year is Brielle Von Hugel.
Adam Brock was a cliff hanger last week on Tuesday night but made it through with many tears of joy.

I feel great talent was sent home that should have made it, including Lauren Grey and Nick Starr.

I hope you all had fun voting tonight.
I have yet to see this weeks shows.
But I am excited to see how it turns out and who the 13th guy was.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Block Wall Hammer

So I've been having a writers block lately.
I was down with a sore neck for a few days last week.
And I had all this time on my hands,
because I could barley move.
Yet nothing to write about.

I am pushing through, so to say.
I'm just going to write about my writers block.
Maybe then it will go away.

Are any of you writers?
How about have you ever thought about trying your
hand at writing, just haven't yet been brave enough?
Well what are you waiting for?
It will not write itself!
And I know for a fact if its muling around in that
head of yours and you neglect to write it down,
it will go away.

Yeah, I have lots of great ideas running around
on that big wheel in my head.
But when I do not jot them down, they run, very fast.
They leave and I never can get the wording right after that.

Writing does take time to get good.
I am no where near good.
I have been writing for years and years.
My first try at an actual story was a group effort in the
8th grade.
Before that I flew solo on poetry.

I mulled larger projects for years before actually setting down and trying.
My first real effort was a young adult book.
It was OK. Lots of errors. But it had a beginning, middle, and an End.
I even have a few that have a chapter or two, then I got stuck.
I am still working on bettering my favorite attempt so far.
Although I have to admit that I have not touched it since November.

But the point is, do not be afraid to put your dreams into action.
Even if I never get published, I have done what I wanted to do.
I wrote.
I tried.
Which means that I did not fail.

And hey look, I think my writers block has past.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Idol Arrived

So I have finally got my Idol bug back.
I don't get really excited until solos durring the end of Hollywood week.
And this year is no different.
So here Is my list of who I think are the contenders.
Colton Dixion I love his totally crazy Mohawk
Phillip Phillips might be my new Paul. Yes really. He even reminds me of Rob Patz. He's kinda dirty and odd.
I love it!
Jen Heirsh was good just not my fav.

Reed Grimm had a rough start but I like him. Randy even said he's another Casey. Wow what a complement!

Skylar laine with a comparison to Reba herself, is the first country girl to catch my ear in a long time.

I'm loving white chocolate Adam Brock haha. You will be seeing him for a while.

I have a couple other favorites I just have not caught their names.
So stay tuned for updates on my picks.

Are you ready for season 11 of American Idol to get interesting?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Midnight release

Bella and Edward
Who can compete? Scarlett and Rhett? Romeo n Juliet? Maybe, but not in my book.
For me no other couple have a more powerful love. A stronger connection can't be found.
Would you risk your life to be with the one you loved?

Just as no other couple can come close to being as powerful, I'm fairly sure no other fan is more dedicated than the twifan.
Trekie's come close, but I'm unconvinced that they are more dedicated.
Do you know how many hours have been waisted standing in lines to see or buy a twi film?
Well I'm only one and I have waited at least 9 hours or more total in lines.
And we still have one movie left.

Friday night I waited in line at WalMart to get my copy of Bella's wedding dress special edition blu ray of Breaking Dawn.
I even watched the footage from target on my cell phone while in line.
I must say that I was not happy with the sit down dialog that was all Summit would give in the sneak peak.

It was a fairly pleasent experience. But extremely cold night. I almost got frost bite just going back out to my car.
I was however very unhappy with WalMart for not having a freebie to giveaway as they have in past years.
This wasn't my first rodeo people.
I was happy with the huge cloth poster inside my box. Wow!
I will be hanging that one.

As I looked around I wondered if we were bad twi moms.
Kids every where, we drag our children and husbands out in 20 degree weather at midnight just to be one of the first to snatch a copy!

Catching a few z's under a clothes rack
Team Edward!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My new Hat

Well late Wednesday night I got to add another title to my name, veterinarian.
Yes that's what I said.
No I did not graduate vet school.
I helped birth 2 of 4 new puppies in our home.
I gave up after 2.
I was up till 4 am just me and my Dotty the Dachshund.

As I watched her in labor I very much wanted to cry.
I could see how hard she struggled. I could see the pain in her eyes.
And I wished I could take her pain away.
She labored for 2 1/2 hours before the first puppy came.
I sat next to her on the floor the whole time.
I do not know why I had a cage ready with blankets in a nice warm spot if she was going to have them on a pile of my husbands dirty clothes behind our bed room door.
Yet there we sat waiting for pain to reside and a baby pup to arrive.
I thought of all the outside dogs who give birth all alone.
My dotty only seemed okay if I was giving her words of encouragement or stroking her head.

Yes they are animals and God made them perfectly capable of having babies all by themselves.
But if you ever sit with a momma dog and see her eyes looking back at you for help and love, you would never want to let one go through it alone again.

I didn't know what to do.
I knew she only needed my assistance but I thought, she's in trouble if I'm her only hope.
Yet we made it, I got way too tired to carry on and fell asleep.
I heard her have the 3rd and I drifted off.
When I woke in the morning, it was to a very protective mother and 4 of the cutest puppies ever.
Being a mother, a woman, a housewife, it comes with so many hats.
We learn new skills all the time.
We must adapt.
The entire house is counting on us.
Most think the man of the home is the more depended on, I disagree.

The woman is the rock of the family.
She nurses, bandages, soothes, fills out papers, teaches math, cooks, cleans, keeps the house in cocoa and so much more. That being one of the reasons I began this blog.
So that those out there know that you are not alone.

So I will be taking Dotty to be neutered soon.
But that was a night I won't soon forget.

My House presently home to
Hubby, Son, Danny and Dotty and 4 more Dachshunds, and Housewife makes 9.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Busy Bee

I've been a bit busy lately.
I have been working hard on building my thirty-one business.

My last post was about the ending of One Life To Live.
So how am I adjusting?
Ok I guess.
I do miss my shows a lot.
Every day at 1:00 pm I know that abc has robbed me.
But what can you do?

I have enjoyed seeing my soap stars pop up in prime time.
Did you catch Susan Lucci on Hot in Cleveland? I loved it!
Or how about Cameron Mathison on Desperate Housewives a few weeks ago?

How are you all doing with no more AMC and OLTL?
Do you have a hobby or something to keep you busy?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Ode to Lanview

Farewell old friend
Goodbye my love
To old days gone and
Memories born
The times I laughed
The days I cried
The love you shared.
Heartbreaks I would have held your hand,
Through good times an bad
I bid a farewell
As you lay in your grave
A rose falls down
A tear and my frown
For the death of the soap
Is abound.
-crystal dawn

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exciting news!

I just got some exciting news!
4 of our beloved stars will reprise their roles from OLTL over on GH.
How great is that?
It's awesome!

The Manning family Todd, Blair, Star, and also making the jump is John Mcbain!

Well that's some hope at least for the lost story arch's that were tossed to the wayside from ABC.

All I know at this point is that it will have something to do with mob boss Sony Cornithos.

So who has their tissues ready for Friday?
I am also going to be sure to tune into The View on Friday for a special tribute show to One Life.

Have you liked the Daytime Fans Unite Facebook page yet?
If not there is a link on this page to take you there.
We are very close to 10,000 hits!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring Forward

I'm getting ready for spring!
Yup that's right looking forward to spring already.
This weekend I was luck enough to attend the very first Thirty-one product premier!
We had lots if fun.
Got to meet some great ladies from my team.
We watched a 2 hour movie including thirty one trivia while waiting.
Did you know the first complete Skelton of a mastodon was found when building the Thirty one home office in Ohio?
Very cool!
So we are gearing up for the release of the new spring catalog on February .
Lots of new exciting things coming our way!

What are you doing to get ready for spring?
Or are you still waiting for snow?


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dark Friday to Arrive

Next Friday I may just bawl my eyes out.
If you are a regular reader you will know why.
Friday the 13 will be my very own horror filled day.
ONE of the things that has been a constant in my LIFE that led TO my love for television, will now be one sad day for me to LIVE.
That's right Friday the 13th is the final day for One Life To Live.
With no Prospects at this time for any on line survival of our beloved soap.
Prospect Park as of now is no longer bringing OLTL and AMC to an online media as first reported.
These last few months have been the best I have seen for oltl in a while.
Even ending with a bang.
A prison break has the town in an emotional crisis this week.
With the Messenger leading the pack. Yup that's right folks, Mitch Lawerence is.
Back to say farewell.
Only one face was missing in my opinion Brandon buddy who lives in our hearts
as none other than Cole Thornheart.
I'm unclear on why he was recast but am also unhappy about it.

I can tell you right now where I will be next Friday from 1-2 pm.
In my living room plopped in front of my TV with a large box of tissues, crying and mourning the loss of my beloved Buchanan family, The Mcbain's, all those Cramer women, and Todd.
As well as the Vega's, Delgado's, Destiny and the Evans family,
The Balsom's Rex Gigi and Shane,
even new faces like the Ford brothers, Abury, Cutter and his sister Kimberly
who in a hug twist turned out to be Alex Olanov's children!
I will so miss those timeless places such as
Angel square and the Palace hotel.

Daytime television is just not Daytime television without
Erika Slezak (Victorian Lord Buchanan Davidson Banks)
and Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord Cramer Vickers).

I told you in an earlier post about a Facebook page I joined called Daytime Fans Unite.
Our mission is to reach the number of fans that was asked of us in order to possibly get
a cable network to air our shows.
100K LIKES we are at 7,067 so far. Needing help, so if you ever watched a soap
or loved a character as we do, head on over and give um a like.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crafty Blog

So excited about getting to be a guest blogger
over on Crafty Zoo with Monkeys today!

I hope everyone is getting over that up hill climb
of going back to work this week,
After that time off for the holidays.

I had a really great time this Holiday season.
Enjoyed great times with my family.

Be sure to go check out Crafty Zoo
and give her a follow!
There's lots of contests and giveaways!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goal and Score!

We did it!
I woke this morning to 2014 hits!
Thank you guys for helping me to reach my
end of the year goal!

I am sure everyone is tired from last nights festivities so
I will keep it short n sweet.

I am guest blogging for a friends blog,
I will put up a link to that soon.

Have a great new years day today!