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Friday, January 13, 2012

Ode to Lanview

Farewell old friend
Goodbye my love
To old days gone and
Memories born
The times I laughed
The days I cried
The love you shared.
Heartbreaks I would have held your hand,
Through good times an bad
I bid a farewell
As you lay in your grave
A rose falls down
A tear and my frown
For the death of the soap
Is abound.
-crystal dawn

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exciting news!

I just got some exciting news!
4 of our beloved stars will reprise their roles from OLTL over on GH.
How great is that?
It's awesome!

The Manning family Todd, Blair, Star, and also making the jump is John Mcbain!

Well that's some hope at least for the lost story arch's that were tossed to the wayside from ABC.

All I know at this point is that it will have something to do with mob boss Sony Cornithos.

So who has their tissues ready for Friday?
I am also going to be sure to tune into The View on Friday for a special tribute show to One Life.

Have you liked the Daytime Fans Unite Facebook page yet?
If not there is a link on this page to take you there.
We are very close to 10,000 hits!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Spring Forward

I'm getting ready for spring!
Yup that's right looking forward to spring already.
This weekend I was luck enough to attend the very first Thirty-one product premier!
We had lots if fun.
Got to meet some great ladies from my team.
We watched a 2 hour movie including thirty one trivia while waiting.
Did you know the first complete Skelton of a mastodon was found when building the Thirty one home office in Ohio?
Very cool!
So we are gearing up for the release of the new spring catalog on February .
Lots of new exciting things coming our way!

What are you doing to get ready for spring?
Or are you still waiting for snow?


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dark Friday to Arrive

Next Friday I may just bawl my eyes out.
If you are a regular reader you will know why.
Friday the 13 will be my very own horror filled day.
ONE of the things that has been a constant in my LIFE that led TO my love for television, will now be one sad day for me to LIVE.
That's right Friday the 13th is the final day for One Life To Live.
With no Prospects at this time for any on line survival of our beloved soap.
Prospect Park as of now is no longer bringing OLTL and AMC to an online media as first reported.
These last few months have been the best I have seen for oltl in a while.
Even ending with a bang.
A prison break has the town in an emotional crisis this week.
With the Messenger leading the pack. Yup that's right folks, Mitch Lawerence is.
Back to say farewell.
Only one face was missing in my opinion Brandon buddy who lives in our hearts
as none other than Cole Thornheart.
I'm unclear on why he was recast but am also unhappy about it.

I can tell you right now where I will be next Friday from 1-2 pm.
In my living room plopped in front of my TV with a large box of tissues, crying and mourning the loss of my beloved Buchanan family, The Mcbain's, all those Cramer women, and Todd.
As well as the Vega's, Delgado's, Destiny and the Evans family,
The Balsom's Rex Gigi and Shane,
even new faces like the Ford brothers, Abury, Cutter and his sister Kimberly
who in a hug twist turned out to be Alex Olanov's children!
I will so miss those timeless places such as
Angel square and the Palace hotel.

Daytime television is just not Daytime television without
Erika Slezak (Victorian Lord Buchanan Davidson Banks)
and Robin Strasser (Dorian Lord Cramer Vickers).

I told you in an earlier post about a Facebook page I joined called Daytime Fans Unite.
Our mission is to reach the number of fans that was asked of us in order to possibly get
a cable network to air our shows.
100K LIKES we are at 7,067 so far. Needing help, so if you ever watched a soap
or loved a character as we do, head on over and give um a like.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Crafty Blog

So excited about getting to be a guest blogger
over on Crafty Zoo with Monkeys today!

I hope everyone is getting over that up hill climb
of going back to work this week,
After that time off for the holidays.

I had a really great time this Holiday season.
Enjoyed great times with my family.

Be sure to go check out Crafty Zoo
and give her a follow!
There's lots of contests and giveaways!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Goal and Score!

We did it!
I woke this morning to 2014 hits!
Thank you guys for helping me to reach my
end of the year goal!

I am sure everyone is tired from last nights festivities so
I will keep it short n sweet.

I am guest blogging for a friends blog,
I will put up a link to that soon.

Have a great new years day today!