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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exciting news!

I just got some exciting news!
4 of our beloved stars will reprise their roles from OLTL over on GH.
How great is that?
It's awesome!

The Manning family Todd, Blair, Star, and also making the jump is John Mcbain!

Well that's some hope at least for the lost story arch's that were tossed to the wayside from ABC.

All I know at this point is that it will have something to do with mob boss Sony Cornithos.

So who has their tissues ready for Friday?
I am also going to be sure to tune into The View on Friday for a special tribute show to One Life.

Have you liked the Daytime Fans Unite Facebook page yet?
If not there is a link on this page to take you there.
We are very close to 10,000 hits!

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