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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Block Wall Hammer

So I've been having a writers block lately.
I was down with a sore neck for a few days last week.
And I had all this time on my hands,
because I could barley move.
Yet nothing to write about.

I am pushing through, so to say.
I'm just going to write about my writers block.
Maybe then it will go away.

Are any of you writers?
How about have you ever thought about trying your
hand at writing, just haven't yet been brave enough?
Well what are you waiting for?
It will not write itself!
And I know for a fact if its muling around in that
head of yours and you neglect to write it down,
it will go away.

Yeah, I have lots of great ideas running around
on that big wheel in my head.
But when I do not jot them down, they run, very fast.
They leave and I never can get the wording right after that.

Writing does take time to get good.
I am no where near good.
I have been writing for years and years.
My first try at an actual story was a group effort in the
8th grade.
Before that I flew solo on poetry.

I mulled larger projects for years before actually setting down and trying.
My first real effort was a young adult book.
It was OK. Lots of errors. But it had a beginning, middle, and an End.
I even have a few that have a chapter or two, then I got stuck.
I am still working on bettering my favorite attempt so far.
Although I have to admit that I have not touched it since November.

But the point is, do not be afraid to put your dreams into action.
Even if I never get published, I have done what I wanted to do.
I wrote.
I tried.
Which means that I did not fail.

And hey look, I think my writers block has past.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Idol Arrived

So I have finally got my Idol bug back.
I don't get really excited until solos durring the end of Hollywood week.
And this year is no different.
So here Is my list of who I think are the contenders.
Colton Dixion I love his totally crazy Mohawk
Phillip Phillips might be my new Paul. Yes really. He even reminds me of Rob Patz. He's kinda dirty and odd.
I love it!
Jen Heirsh was good just not my fav.

Reed Grimm had a rough start but I like him. Randy even said he's another Casey. Wow what a complement!

Skylar laine with a comparison to Reba herself, is the first country girl to catch my ear in a long time.

I'm loving white chocolate Adam Brock haha. You will be seeing him for a while.

I have a couple other favorites I just have not caught their names.
So stay tuned for updates on my picks.

Are you ready for season 11 of American Idol to get interesting?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Midnight release

Bella and Edward
Who can compete? Scarlett and Rhett? Romeo n Juliet? Maybe, but not in my book.
For me no other couple have a more powerful love. A stronger connection can't be found.
Would you risk your life to be with the one you loved?

Just as no other couple can come close to being as powerful, I'm fairly sure no other fan is more dedicated than the twifan.
Trekie's come close, but I'm unconvinced that they are more dedicated.
Do you know how many hours have been waisted standing in lines to see or buy a twi film?
Well I'm only one and I have waited at least 9 hours or more total in lines.
And we still have one movie left.

Friday night I waited in line at WalMart to get my copy of Bella's wedding dress special edition blu ray of Breaking Dawn.
I even watched the footage from target on my cell phone while in line.
I must say that I was not happy with the sit down dialog that was all Summit would give in the sneak peak.

It was a fairly pleasent experience. But extremely cold night. I almost got frost bite just going back out to my car.
I was however very unhappy with WalMart for not having a freebie to giveaway as they have in past years.
This wasn't my first rodeo people.
I was happy with the huge cloth poster inside my box. Wow!
I will be hanging that one.

As I looked around I wondered if we were bad twi moms.
Kids every where, we drag our children and husbands out in 20 degree weather at midnight just to be one of the first to snatch a copy!

Catching a few z's under a clothes rack
Team Edward!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My new Hat

Well late Wednesday night I got to add another title to my name, veterinarian.
Yes that's what I said.
No I did not graduate vet school.
I helped birth 2 of 4 new puppies in our home.
I gave up after 2.
I was up till 4 am just me and my Dotty the Dachshund.

As I watched her in labor I very much wanted to cry.
I could see how hard she struggled. I could see the pain in her eyes.
And I wished I could take her pain away.
She labored for 2 1/2 hours before the first puppy came.
I sat next to her on the floor the whole time.
I do not know why I had a cage ready with blankets in a nice warm spot if she was going to have them on a pile of my husbands dirty clothes behind our bed room door.
Yet there we sat waiting for pain to reside and a baby pup to arrive.
I thought of all the outside dogs who give birth all alone.
My dotty only seemed okay if I was giving her words of encouragement or stroking her head.

Yes they are animals and God made them perfectly capable of having babies all by themselves.
But if you ever sit with a momma dog and see her eyes looking back at you for help and love, you would never want to let one go through it alone again.

I didn't know what to do.
I knew she only needed my assistance but I thought, she's in trouble if I'm her only hope.
Yet we made it, I got way too tired to carry on and fell asleep.
I heard her have the 3rd and I drifted off.
When I woke in the morning, it was to a very protective mother and 4 of the cutest puppies ever.
Being a mother, a woman, a housewife, it comes with so many hats.
We learn new skills all the time.
We must adapt.
The entire house is counting on us.
Most think the man of the home is the more depended on, I disagree.

The woman is the rock of the family.
She nurses, bandages, soothes, fills out papers, teaches math, cooks, cleans, keeps the house in cocoa and so much more. That being one of the reasons I began this blog.
So that those out there know that you are not alone.

So I will be taking Dotty to be neutered soon.
But that was a night I won't soon forget.

My House presently home to
Hubby, Son, Danny and Dotty and 4 more Dachshunds, and Housewife makes 9.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Busy Bee

I've been a bit busy lately.
I have been working hard on building my thirty-one business.

My last post was about the ending of One Life To Live.
So how am I adjusting?
Ok I guess.
I do miss my shows a lot.
Every day at 1:00 pm I know that abc has robbed me.
But what can you do?

I have enjoyed seeing my soap stars pop up in prime time.
Did you catch Susan Lucci on Hot in Cleveland? I loved it!
Or how about Cameron Mathison on Desperate Housewives a few weeks ago?

How are you all doing with no more AMC and OLTL?
Do you have a hobby or something to keep you busy?