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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Idol Arrived

So I have finally got my Idol bug back.
I don't get really excited until solos durring the end of Hollywood week.
And this year is no different.
So here Is my list of who I think are the contenders.
Colton Dixion I love his totally crazy Mohawk
Phillip Phillips might be my new Paul. Yes really. He even reminds me of Rob Patz. He's kinda dirty and odd.
I love it!
Jen Heirsh was good just not my fav.

Reed Grimm had a rough start but I like him. Randy even said he's another Casey. Wow what a complement!

Skylar laine with a comparison to Reba herself, is the first country girl to catch my ear in a long time.

I'm loving white chocolate Adam Brock haha. You will be seeing him for a while.

I have a couple other favorites I just have not caught their names.
So stay tuned for updates on my picks.

Are you ready for season 11 of American Idol to get interesting?

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