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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Midnight release

Bella and Edward
Who can compete? Scarlett and Rhett? Romeo n Juliet? Maybe, but not in my book.
For me no other couple have a more powerful love. A stronger connection can't be found.
Would you risk your life to be with the one you loved?

Just as no other couple can come close to being as powerful, I'm fairly sure no other fan is more dedicated than the twifan.
Trekie's come close, but I'm unconvinced that they are more dedicated.
Do you know how many hours have been waisted standing in lines to see or buy a twi film?
Well I'm only one and I have waited at least 9 hours or more total in lines.
And we still have one movie left.

Friday night I waited in line at WalMart to get my copy of Bella's wedding dress special edition blu ray of Breaking Dawn.
I even watched the footage from target on my cell phone while in line.
I must say that I was not happy with the sit down dialog that was all Summit would give in the sneak peak.

It was a fairly pleasent experience. But extremely cold night. I almost got frost bite just going back out to my car.
I was however very unhappy with WalMart for not having a freebie to giveaway as they have in past years.
This wasn't my first rodeo people.
I was happy with the huge cloth poster inside my box. Wow!
I will be hanging that one.

As I looked around I wondered if we were bad twi moms.
Kids every where, we drag our children and husbands out in 20 degree weather at midnight just to be one of the first to snatch a copy!

Catching a few z's under a clothes rack
Team Edward!

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