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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big 31 weekend

I had a big thirty-one weekend.
Had lots of fun Saturday.
First was my niece Creedence had her first birthday party.
That was fun watching her eat her cupcake and smear it into her pony tail.

Got to visit with my sisters family from up north, including N.M. Facile my author friend I have told you about.
She has a new book coming out later this year. I'm excited for its release!
I will keep you informed about that.
Meanwhile you can look up Across the Hall and read it while you are waiting.

So I went straight from there to a prom party event held by men's warehouse.
Where I was a vendor, and I was able to showcase my thirty one business.

My mother and my thirty-one mom, Rachel helped me out. And I even got my husband to hang around for the event.

Then on Sunday I was able to attend my first real Celebrate and Connect meeting.
We get training, tips, and info to help us grow our business.
And we even got a free product from the company.

It's so much fun to meet new ladies and learn about this wonderful company!

So I had a great weekend,
And now I'm enjoying one of my favorite things, Twilight is on FX tonight!

How was your weekend?

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