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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April Excitement

I have so many things going on in my head today.
I have 4 windows open on my explorer and they are for different things.
Easter is this weekend.
I have yet to get my son's basket stuff, Ahh!
We are taking a trip.
I have 7 Thirty-one parties book this weekend!
I have another blog for next week rambling around up there.
My Mary Kay lady is dropping off stuff today.
My Mary Kay lady will change after today.
Due to my Mom has signed up!
Congrats Mom, hope you get what you want from your new business.
Even if it's just cheap beautification products!
I have a few recruits in mind that I am hoping to help get into
the business of Bags!
Thirty-One that is.
I am a Purse lady so right now my excitement is trying to earn
an 8 piece kit for FREE!

I hope that you are have a wonderful Easter with your family.
I love seeing little kids all dressed up in pastels.
Whats the Easter bunny bringing to your house?

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