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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brains are for thinking!

I had a post all typed up for today
I am going wait till Tuesday to post it.
As I was getting ready to put up today's blog
I came across an article that seemed a bit familiar and struck
a nerve.

How is it that in this day and age, after all that we have gained as a
society toward understanding others and the strides we have made in
the past 50 years to accept differences that some people still have
yet to learn to use their brain?

I am putting it as nicely as I can folks.
It seems  that Monday a family trying to fly out of J.F.K. airport missed
their flight due to security guards aggressively screening a 7 year old girl
with cerebral palsy.

Due to her crutches and leg braces she can not go through the metal detectors
and must submit to a pat down.

A pat down? Are you kidding me?
When I was 12 years old I went on an airplane for the first time with
my grandmother.
Having Cerebral Palsy myself I walk with the aid of crutches too.
They took me aside and ran a metal detector across me.
That is normal.

To pat down a mentally disabled child who does not understand the need for a
strange man to have his hands on her. Not Normal in my book.
The family does fly on occasion and her Mother always insists the security guards
should introduce them selves to her first.
These men reportedly handled the young girl aggressively instead.

Are they seriously thinking this family would be using their child to smuggle
a gun or other dangerous object onto a plane?

I have gone through times like this one in my day.
It is very frustrating to say the least.
If people would learn to use their brains things like this would not happen.
Little girls with disabilities would not be afraid to fly.

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