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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lights for Liam

Late last night I stumbled across a Facebook post
about leaving the Lights on for baby Liam.
My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check it out.
I Love Liam Lyon Facebook Page (I am not posting
photos here of the boy, out of respect for the family,
since I have not asked permission. But you can
see the beautiful baby on the links I post.)

I learned that last night people all across America were
leaving their porch lights on for support and prayer for a baby boy
named Liam Lyon.

This little boy is about a year old.
He was born with half of his heart, diagnosed with
hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Yesterday the Facebook page
Lights for Liam was started.
Those who live in apartments were even posting
that they had no porch light so they left every light in  the
place on.
Lights For Liam Facebook Page

This little boy is on the heart transplant list.
He has fought a hard battle for over a year now.
His parents have decided that they will not put
him back in his bed. Instead someone will hold
him at all times.

Reading it I felt how lucky I am that my son was
born healthy.
I was uncertain as to if he might have any problems, due
to my own disability.
Even though I felt that he would be OK. There were doubts,
even so.

So I said a prayer for the tiny boy, who even though he was only born with
half a heart, it was obviously the heart of a Lion.
He and his family are brave fighters.

Cherish those you love.
And remember the ones who are not as fortunate
as your self.

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