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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is your Superpower?

Its Tuesday, so that means a new post from your
favorite housewife.

As an am-mature author with my own love for reading,
I feel guilty sometimes when I am starting to read a new book.
I think, maybe I should be spending this time on my own manuscript?

Most of the time I read these days when I am in bed before
I am going to sleep.
That really is the time my brain works best.
Although I am in rest mode, laying down with my preferred
Kindle device of the moment.
So I continue to read other than get up out of bed to go type.

Thirty One keeps me so busy as well that I have over Thirty-oned my boys.
They get tired of hearing about it sometimes.
I know.
I am sorry, I am just a hard worker when I enjoy what I do.

I am so proud of myself that I earned my first kit for FREE this past 2 weeks.
My husband likes to say that I am a strong starter but not a good finisher.
I think he believes this because I am a lot like my grandpa.
I have many interests, and I will do one for a while and then try out a new one.
I still enjoy them all.
I have a whole room in my house devoted to my "fun."
Scrapbook, yarn, beads, books filled with my poetry,
and more!

There was a time in our lives that I got us through with selling
beaded jewelry.
I am thankful that even thou I was born with a disability, that God gave me
my brain.
You know I grew up surrounded by children who were wheelchair bound
and even their little brains couldn't work for them.
I was blessed to have mine, to have my artist personality, and at least one hand that
can type as fast as some can use two.

So while you may have something that hold you back from doing
what another can do, I am certain you were blessed
with your own superpower.

Happy Tuesday :)


  1. Hey ,great bolg. I really enjoyed it. I know that everybody has something in there lives that holds them back from doing what they would like to do. And yes you are right there are some of us who do have superpowers. We have the hunger and the will power to fight for what we want. And it takes a special person like your self to write this bolg and remind us that we all have superpowers, and that we can and will survive. So thank you.
    Melissa Kimble

  2. Hello Melissa, it's been a while since I heard from you. Thank you for your kind comment. Hope you are well.