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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Goodbye to Excuses

With all the things in this world that are against us why would anyone put obstacles in their own way?

I know a few who maybe dont even realizes they are doing it.

Are you full of excuses?
I can't do what I want because I just don't have the time...
I don't have the money...
I don't know how...
I have never done that before...
What if I don't like it???

First, stop making excuses.
If you want something there is always a way to get it.

Not enough money?
Can you cut back on one thing? Just one, pick something you can live without.

Not enough time?
Maybe it's time to re-group. Reevaluate what it is that you are spending all your free time doing.
Are you making unnecessary trips to town, Walmart, or anywhere you might be going to more than you need too.
For example, you drive home then remember that you need to pick up dinner. Only to discover an hour later that you need cigarets or gas, and off you go again.
Think of all that time wasted on several trips when if you were organized you could have picked up the kids, gone to the market, drove through the smoke shop and went home.
Wow, you just gave yourself an hour, maybe 2 that you didn't have.

Never done something before so your not even going to try it now?
Well what's your excuse?
I'm sorry not good enough.
Truth is your scared.
Yep, you are.
What can happen that could be so bad?
So someone might tell you No.
No is just a word, it can not cause you physical harm.

Get out of your own way!
Stop making excuses and give it a try.
I'm not just telling you what to do.
I follow my own advice too.
Well at least most of the time I do. Haha
How? I was afraid to try Japanese food. I have always been a picky eater.
I didn't want to go out to eat if I won't eat it.
But my mom and my husband had been wanting to go.
So we went a couple weeks ago.
I have to say it was very good.
My son even said it was the best noodles he ever had, and he is not a fan of noodles.

So I challenge you to step out side the box this week.
Take one of the things on your list that you have been making excuses for, and try it out.
If you need help I am a great problem solver.

Goodbye excuses!

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