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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our Montage

So in your time out, as a housewife have you ever found yourself saying,
"Hunny, your 40 years old don't show me the raw fish in your mouth."
No I was not talking to my grown son, it was my husband. haha

Yes, life as a housewife is never dull.
If it is for you, would you like to come hang out with my family for a day?

You know the flash back montages you see in movies?
This might be what you would see in the movie of my life.

Kid gripping the banister while dad tries to toss kid into pool, knee sliding across the hardwood floors, family wearing 3D glasses in a theater, husband in too short cut off blue jean shorts, naked baby standing in a boat seat, hanging upside down on a roller coaster; dad has hands in the air while the boy has his eyes squeezed tight, Halloween and mom is in a hot pink bob wig, and dad sitting in a restaurant showing us his chewed up food.

Happy Living :)

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