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Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Surprise

So What was the surprise we had for the kids last weekend?

We went to Branson to the Titanic museum and the Dixie Stamped.
Zach has been asking for months to go to the Titanic museum.
He watched the movie and has been interested in it ever since.
It's a very neat experience.
You get a boarding pass when entering the ship, and it has a Story of an actual person who was on board the Titanic.

Us at the Titanic Museum
You find out at the end if you lived or died.
Zach's favorite part was the cold water.
There's a water hole that is the temperature of the water that night.
It challenges you to keep your hand in it for just 3 minuets.
We lasted about 30 seconds.
Can you imagine being fully submerged into freezing cold water?
We even got to sign a book that will go in the library of congress To commemorate the 100th year since the sinking.

Mackenzie's favorite thing was the Dixie Stampede.
She loves horses.
They hardly took their eyes off the show.
The water brings out a chicken and places it on their plates,
She looks up at me and says, "you call this chicken small?"
Then she says, "you made me get all dressed up to eat with my fingers?"
It was so much fun to watch their faces as they watched the show.
We had a blast!
It only took mom and dad 2 days to recover. :)

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