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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Be YoU, Be What Is True

I may have written about this before.
But it is something that I have an issue with.
I do not like to see women lose them selves when they get a new man.
Now that I am thinking about it, I am realizing that they probably do not know who they are to begin with.

I very much don't like to see a woman give up her path, her dreams, and what she wanted.
Only to blindly follow the ways of her new man.

I see it too often.
We fought for our rights to be equal and to do what our heart desires.

The man for you will bring out the best parts of you.
He will encourage you to strive, to be more and do more if it's what you want.
He will complement you, not take away from you.

Don't give up nursing to become a mechanic, don't become all about horses and forget to live your life.
Don't give up on your dreams of school and settle for the job you have now when you want do much more.

Let your man be him.
And you be you.

Have your dreams, your hopes, your likes or dislikes.
Be your own person and he will love you more because YOU are what attracted him in the first place.

Just remember ladies that the woman inside you is who you are meant to be.
If you deny her, one day all that you have built on this mountain of fake, following, behavior will crumble.

The foundation of a real relationship, a true relationship that has lasting power is built upon TRUTH.

If you share interests that's wonderful!
Don't be fake to keep him though.
If he is meant to stay, to love you, he will. Period.

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