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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Moments That Lead

Do you ever think about what you've been through?
Where you are now?
What you want for your future?

All the experiences you have
make up who you will become.

The tears you cry guide you on down the river toward the future.
The laughs carry you toward moments yet to be.
Your fears mold you into what you are.
And your family is the crutch on which u lean, that will you get there.

Even the things that now seem small, were once huge mountains you climbed.
Some moments you faced you had to push yourself, but in the end they mattered.

Some days were the hardest you faced.
And others the best of them all.

All adding up to the you, you have become.
Moments still wait ahead, to create the you who you will be.

We are never finished growing.