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Friday, October 26, 2012

11 going on twenty

So our son is almost 11 going on 20 and he is learning the violin and is very crafty.
He's a little artist in his own right.
He has a craving to travel and learn new cultures.
I see do many great things he can do with his life.

Last night we had a discussion with him about drugs.
How he can have all he wants in life and be a successful person one day.
So long as he stays away from drugs.

Schools do inform your children of the dangers of drugs and alcohol but I think there's still things to talk about at home.
Some have drug abuse in their family and addictive tendencies that may affect more than one of your child's relatives, and I think that's vital knowledge they need to know and understand.

I wish all you parents out there the best of luck with your children and bright futures ahead for them!

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