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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Cure For Pain is a great book!

Today I am talking about a new book Cure For Pain by NM Facile.
I have and Interview with her as well as a copy of the book to
Give a way too!

So I loved Cure For Pain. Ty Jaden is a newly reformed heroin dealer on parole, or is he reformed at all?
All Ty wants is enough money to get out of town and go somewhere warm and sunny.
And he is very close to that when he meets an Angel, Mary Flynn.
Mary is a volunteer for a safe works place which is just such a place Ty should stay away from.
Everyone tells Mary that Ty is dangerous and bad for her to stay away.
But who doesn't love a bad boy, right?

I couldn't put it down. NM always gives great characters and her writing draws you right in.
Her visuals are great and I always love her characters immediately.
It's a steamy love story that's sure to make you lose sleep if like me you read in bed.
I never wanted to put it down to go to sleep.

This is the perfect time of the year to curl up with a great book and a cup
of cocoa so get your copy and do just that!

Here is a short interview I did with her last week.

How does it feel to have your 2nd book published?
Reassuring. Having the second one published tells me the first wasn't just a fluke. It also makes it easier to start on a third book, just knowing that I can actually do it.
When you submitted Across The Hall did you think you wanted to pursue writing full time? Or were you surprised at how far you have come?
I've wanted to be an author since high school. I even started Across the Hall in college. I didn't think I would be able to write full time for a long time yet, with kids at home, but Across does well enough that I'm able to devote more time to writing. What did surprise me was how quickly it all happened. The publishing world is changing and the old days of submitting a book and waiting months or years for an answer are no longer here. The big publishing houses are still like that but small houses work faster and sales can be just as big as they are with a large publisher.
Across The Hall did so well that now your books are being printed for sale as well as in digital format. Does that have any impact on how you see your self as a writer?
In some ways it does. Personally I knew that I wrote a book and people were reading it, but for some family members not being able to hold that book made it harder for them to grasp. Once the book was printed and they could see it, my job became real. Having a printed book does validate me as an author some, but I've been reading ebooks for years and I've always seen that as the way books sales would go.
I read that you are working on something new, can you tell us anything about it?
I'm just in the early stages of pulling all the ideas together. I'm planning to have it set in the 1950s. It's about choices and missed opportunities.
Who is your favorite Author?
That is a harder question for me because I read different genres. My favorite romance author is Jude Deveraux. Thriller author is J. D. Robb. Fantasy author is George RR Martin. Fiction author is Howard Fast.
And just for fun, what is one thing you want for Christmas?
Well I just got a new laptop early and that was what I really wanted. I would love to get a year subscription to Movie Pass
So Do you want to win a copy of the book and a CFP Bookmark?
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  1. Hey Girl! Loved your review and interview! I'd love to win! :D Could use a new book! :D Always!

  2. Hey Girlie! I tweeted!

    Also, you can post your giveaway on my site if you'd like! There is a linky up on Sundays!

  3. Hey, I really enjoyed your review and interview. The book sounds like it could be a good one. And I am always looking for a good book.............. Melissa Kimble

  4. Iwant this book! Where can I purchase, just in case I don't win....Neva Brown

  5. You can get it on Amazon I have a link here in the post. After the contest I'll repost the link to my Facebook too