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Saturday, December 29, 2012

What it's all about!

It's about your family, the people you love.
It's about your life and the things you hold dear.
And finding a job that lets you enjoy all that and
make ends meet.

It is not about your job. Everything else does not fit neatly
in a box to be death with when you get home.

Not if your doing it right in my opinion.
Yes, your family needs money to survive.
They need food on the table and clothes on their backs.

But you know what, they THRIVE and Survive on LOVE.
Pure and simple.

What do your kids see when they look at you?
What are you teaching them with your words and actions?

I knew as a teenager that I and the man I chose to marry would
be about family first.
God would provide the rest.

Those moments when the camera is on a shelf and your spending time
together, those are the ones you will always remember.
So will your kids.
Get down on their level. Let them sit on your lap.
Watch a Disney movie, eat popcorn, joke, laugh, tickle, above all
enjoy this!

You will regret it deeply if you live your life for a job.
Your kids will grow up and be gone.
They won't come home because its just an old house.
Home is in the heart of your parents'.
It's where you feel love the moment you pull in the drive way.
Its when you tear up when it's time to leave.

And I promise you now, if you cant spend time with your babies
and show them they are the most important thing in your life, they
will not have that.

I admit I have a "fix it" complex with a bit of control problem in me.
I also speak my mind. If you are close to me and I love you, I'm gonna tell
it how it is. I get that from my granny.
She believes as do I, that if you love me back you will forgive, if not,
Sorry but that's how I feel deep in my heart.

I want all those I love to have the best relationship with everyone in their life they
possibly can have.
And that is why I chose this topic.
Plus, I needed to vent. lol

So this new year think about How your kids see you.
Is it the way you want them to see you?

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