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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One litte word

I have a wonderful friend who instead of picking New Years resolutions she chooses one word to embody all she wants for her self and her family in the new year. I have watched her pick her words for a couple years and liked the idea but this year it spoke to me.
I decided to think about giving it a try. 
I mulled it over for a few weeks and it it exactly what I need this year. 
One word if chosen correctly can motivate you beyond those resolutions we pick earch year then fail almost immediately at. 
I believe when choosing your word it should envoke passion in you when you think of it.
The idea being it will keep. You going all year. 
My friend even has a lady paint her a picture with the word to hang up and so that she can see it as a reminder to not forget. 
I may create my own image and put it in my office.
So I'm sure you are wondering what my word I have chosen is. 

I wish to aspire to be a better Mother, Wife, friend. I aspire to be a better leader with thirtyone and work harder at my buisness. I wish to aspire to devote more ofmy time to learning about my career and how I can do better. And I aspire to be a more diligent writer. 

What do you think about this one word idea? 
I'd love to hear your thoughts in the coments below. And please tell me about your word if you choose one and wish to share.

Need help choosing a word? Check out www.aliedwards.com/blog for inspiration.

My cute little image I created.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Writing season is upon us!

It's that time again!
It's fast approaching, the season of awesome words flying about!
It's almost November!
That means finger cramping, coffee guzzling, up all nighting'
Writing month.
Yes you guessed it, National November Writing Month or NaNoWriMo as 
We writers call it. 

I'm going to be continuing the novel I started last year.
I am in love with this novel and have been trying to stay motivated to write 
For a couple months now. 

When you are a wife and mother, thirty one consultant, family secretary,
Payer of the bills, house cleaner, I could go on, but I'm stoping here. 
Anyway time to write can be hard to fit in. So that is why I enjoy NaNoWriMo.
It gets me motivated, the goal is clear 50k words in a month.
Others are pecking away on their keyboards as well so I'm not alone. 
With Twitter and email and a website all devoted to helping us reach that goal it's very obtainable.

I'm asking all of you to help me this year stay on track. 
I have yet to win NaNo and this is my year! 
So ask me daily for a word count.
The plan is to write every single day in November no matter what! 
Help me to remember this come thanksgiving and Black Friday will ya?

So who is joining me? 
Sound off in the comments below and tell me if you are participating this year.
Then look me up on the website I'm CrystalDawn23 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Where do you want to go?

I seen this picture quote on Facebook and I had to Blog it.

Is there a better Life you Dream of?
How about one you are afraid to Dream of?

I see this a lot, the fear to go after the life or the things some think they deserve.
What is there to be afraid of really?
If you WANT it, If you say It CAN be Mine!
Then It will.
Truly that is it.
Your mind is the most Powerful tool you have.
You just have to learn how to use it.
Then you do have to work to achieve it.
Yes, I said the Dreaded W word, Work.

You will never get what you truly want in life from waiting on it
to slap you in the face.
Whack! "Hey I'm here! All you ever wanted and were too lazy or afraid to work for!!!"
Haha Not!

Nope it doesn't work that way.
Here is how it does work.

Decide what it is you Truly want Deep in your heart.
Next Ask yourself, What do I have to do to obtain this?
It is now your GOAL.
So do you need to take smaller steps to reach your goal?
You might. I do.
This is called your PLAN.

Have you just made a Goal & a PLAN in your head?
Whooo Who! If you have I applaud you! Great Work!

Now set out to put your action plan to work
for YOU.
You are the ONLY one who can do this.
But if you Think Positively and you do the work
You WILL get it.
Everything that you want and desire for yourself, for your family.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Defining me.

Men define my life.
 I Love my mom so, so much. She has been there for me and will do anything I ask.
But Men seem to define my life.

Starting as a little girl. My daddy and my Papa made a huge impact on my life.
Good and bad.

And now my husband and my son.
The song Wing in the fire is so much the three older men I have just mentioned.
I pray my son goes the way of me more than them, but time will tell.

They try/tried to be the best men they knew how.
And I know they failed and slid a few times each.
Still they were the best men they knew how.
My daddy was a man with many flaws, its true.
I seen them even as a young girl. But he taught me GOD. He taught me to follow my heart.
He taught me that even if you make a mistake you can show your sorry, Admit it and try to be better.
He taught me what I wanted and what I didn't want in a husband.
I cried for him as a divorced man. I hated seeing him sad and alone. And now my heart aches for men who made the wrong choices. I'm a fixer, and I have to remind myself I cant fix everything for everyone.

My papa was a witty man. He could sing a song as he made up and make you laugh or cry off the top of his head. He wasn't really a Christian man until the last few years of his life. But I could see God in him. Even if he tried to hide it. He loved deeper than what it appeared. He was a bit cranky at times. But that was just who he was. I'm the same. :)
A little cranky just makes us more interesting, that's all.
And even if he was against something his whole life, if he loved someone he could change his mind.
Granny knows who I am talking about. And I respect him for that more than he ever knew. And no, its not me I am talking about.

My husband while he has his faults, I think I respect more than anyone. For one reason.
He loves me. That is a lot. He doesn't have to be with me, He doesn't have to take care of me. He picks me up when I fall. He puts my shoes and socks on for me. He lifts me in the car.
He holds my hand when we walk so I don't fall. he wipes my tears when I cry. And even lifts me from the tub when  I need it. No man has to do that. They don't have to love me.
I may require full care one day, and he would still be there. He doesn't care.
Hes not ashamed of me. He doesn't think my disability is ugly, or the way I walk.
He has his times where he needs forgiven, but what man doesn't? I know some of you may see things you don't understand. But its the things you don't see. I take care of him, and he takes care of me.
I don't think I could do the same. If the roles were reversed, I'm not sure I could commit my life to someone that was like me.
And that makes him one of the best men I know.

All three are truly An Angel with No Halo, and One Wing in the Fire.

There are many things that developed me into this creature I am today.
And I probably couldn't tell you them all. But my memories that stand out the most
tell me its these men that had the greatest impact.
My most favorite memory I have is sitting up at night just me and Papa, listening to
the whippoorwill sing.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Make it Count!

Are you willing to
make 2014 count?
Sometimes I think that we amble along in our life and forget
to stop and think about what we are actually doing.
Then later we go, What am I doing?
What have I done?
I have really messed up, I made the wrong choice, or choices.
They have led me down a path I never thought I might find myself.

And what now?
Well, I wish for a world where there is no what now.
Where we all stop and think about our actions before we headlong leap;
with no thoughts or realization that there WILL be consequences for what we do.
We will more than likely hurt someone that we never wanted to hurt in the first place.
Which may cause us become disgusted with our very own selves in the end.

I realize that our society has become all about instant gratification.
Microwave, vehicle's, Airplanes, anything that will get me there and get it done faster.
But hold up! Slow down, use that brain God gave you.
LIFE is too precious to live so hard and fast.
In the blink of an eye its over, we missed it. We forgot to sit and be happy.

Take time to just watch your child play, look at that beautiful face you made.
You did that; isn't that the most amazing thing in the world?
That child deserves for you to just take a minuet to think before you act.
Take the time to go for a walk, look up at the beautiful sky, all those colors. Look at the ground, the beauty of nature can cleanse your soul. I don't care what you are going through in life, a walk with your thoughts can fix it. It can bring the clarity you have been longing for. Talk to GOD he is listening, even if its been too long since you last talked, he's still there, always waiting and willing.

Is this where you wanted to be? Is this the life you expected of yourself?
If its more than you ever imagined I commend you. Great work!
If its lacking, I challenge you to slow down, take a walk, re-access what you want and demand of yourself.
Its not too late to get your life right. Its not too late to be who you deserve to be, for your self, or for those you love.
Ask for forgiveness if you need too. If they truly loved you they will forgive you,
and if not then maybe they aren't good for you in the first place.

Whatever you do with your life Make it Count!
We only get one.
Breath in the Joy, Breath out the pain.
Let it go, Let out a cry if you need too every once in a while.
Most of all don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.
You are NOT weak if you need help.
It takes a very strong person to ask for help from another.

My wish for you all is to have no regrets.
For you to be the person you set out to be.
To be the person you want to be if you decide you want more.
And if you do want more Now is the time to take action!
Get up and get started on the rest of your life.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sadness but no Excuses

I know I haven't had a new post since November.
I have had a very rough go since then. 
I like to use this blog to uplift and inspire all of you, and I 
Did not feel I could do that with what I was going through.
I'm still not in good mental condition. 
I have been diagnosed with Depression this past week.
I have been thinking about this blog for a while and wondering how
Could I possibly write about anything inspiring.
What I have come up with is to just be here. Be an ear if you need one, 
Be a voice to say what you may not be able to say. 
I may change the title soon. As I'm not a housewife at this time. 
I am a mom, a friend, a daughter and a sister.
I want to be a wife, I really do. And I am struggling with that at this time.
But for reasons beyond my control that isn't so anymore.

I have seen so many on social media lately going through a tough
Time as well. Major changes in our life do cause stress and hardships.
When the life you knew suddenly changes that can be one of the hardest things
You will face. Some or most of you may be facing depression such as me.
What do you do?
I am seeking help from a counselor, but the most important thing is to get out.
Out of bed, out of the house, and out of your own way.
This is hard yes, I know. 
Somedays I do stay in bed longer than I should. I hear that voice telling me to get
Up. At times it's my inner voice and at times it's my own 12 year old son.
He says, mom it's after 1 I have the coffe pot on, get up and I will make you a cup.
So I do. He is my strength, my purpose when I feel I have none.
There are days I need to go get groceries, and I really really don't want too. But I go. 
It's hard, so hard to face doing things I did with my husband that now I do alone.
But I go. In the long run it will have been good for me. 
And getting out of your own way, I sit some days and do nothing but watch tv or read.
I don't want to talk on the phone I don't want to leave the house, nothing.
But you have to get up, do dishes, sweep the floor, make yourself eat. 
Don't have excuses for laying down and diying. Life does go on.
It may be awhile before your genuine smile comes back. 
I say fake it till you make it, right? 
But just don't do nothing, don't let your excuses have excuses.