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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Writing season is upon us!

It's that time again!
It's fast approaching, the season of awesome words flying about!
It's almost November!
That means finger cramping, coffee guzzling, up all nighting'
Writing month.
Yes you guessed it, National November Writing Month or NaNoWriMo as 
We writers call it. 

I'm going to be continuing the novel I started last year.
I am in love with this novel and have been trying to stay motivated to write 
For a couple months now. 

When you are a wife and mother, thirty one consultant, family secretary,
Payer of the bills, house cleaner, I could go on, but I'm stoping here. 
Anyway time to write can be hard to fit in. So that is why I enjoy NaNoWriMo.
It gets me motivated, the goal is clear 50k words in a month.
Others are pecking away on their keyboards as well so I'm not alone. 
With Twitter and email and a website all devoted to helping us reach that goal it's very obtainable.

I'm asking all of you to help me this year stay on track. 
I have yet to win NaNo and this is my year! 
So ask me daily for a word count.
The plan is to write every single day in November no matter what! 
Help me to remember this come thanksgiving and Black Friday will ya?

So who is joining me? 
Sound off in the comments below and tell me if you are participating this year.
Then look me up on the website I'm CrystalDawn23 

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