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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Talented Amazing

Sounds coming from my 13-year old son's bed room late at night. 
Music plays out. And he's singing and teaching his self how to play the guitar.

Its only a chord or two so far but such sweet sounds too a mom's ears.
You have this little baby and you hope and dream for them. You do your best and know when you fail.
When you see how amazing they are that's when you realize the real gift from God that you got.
The talent that I see come from my son almost daily astounds me. 
He's more than I ever thought I could have. I feared what having a child would be for me. Unable to walk or run, how could I raise one?
I have help yes. But it's rare that I ask. He's mine and me and my husband have always done what we could with out much help at all. Its our responsibility. And this year I have really seen him grow and shine.
He began the school year in advanced classes for the first time. The choir teacher called to tell me what an amazing singer he is and I cried. I hung up and called my husband and told him that even if we never did anything else right, we got it right with Zach. 
Proud doesn't even begin to let you know what we feel for him. 
He was a football player and track star while continuing the violin and choir adding select choir half way they the year. And now I hear him teaching himself a new talent.
Its a very wonderful day coming to an end at our house.

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  1. I'm so glad Zach is such a great friend! With such an amazing Mom, it's really no wonder!