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Thursday, December 3, 2015

My YouTube Channel

I started a YouTube channel!
That's right I really did.
What is it about you ask?
Oh, glad you asked.
Its going to be me in a nutshell.
I'm wacky and goofy and at times TOO professional.
I'm going to do an Ipsy review/unboxing each month.
Beauty product hauls, Favorites videos, and I'll even keep you filled in on
my editing and publishing process
for  my new book!

I'm sure there will be other themes too. So keep checking back with me.
I have 2 videos up right now and 2 more that I am editing. So they will be up by the
end of the week.

I Dyed my hair purple! lol
Check out the video. I Dyed Purple!

I may do a post about that later. :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nano 15 has come & gone.

Summer Under My Quilt
By Crystal Sellers
So Nanowrimo is gone. another year down.
I failed yet again.
But I got the furthest I ever got. I had over 20K words.
Yay me!
I don't consider it too big a fail. I beat myself.
Plus I got very busy working on my first novel.
It will be on Amazon by Christmas.

I am doing final edits.
I have redesigned the back cover.
I changed up an entire chapter.
And I am on my final read through.
All in the last week!

This novel is my baby. Sometimes when I write I surprise myself.
Because I'm a pantser, (writes by the seat of my pants) I never know what might actually spill forth from my brain.
And when I go back over things I wrote at times I cant
believe it was me.

But I have poured myself into this story for 5 years. And I was not a
professional trained writer. I did read books to make it better and I perfected
over the years. (Perfected the story, Not my writing lol)
I have sought advice from others.
And now I am ready to Let it Go! Let it go!

For those of you that read it, I hope you enjoy it.
I hope you can see little hints of me.
But Mostly I hope you have Wonderful Holidays this year!