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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Nano 15 has come & gone.

Summer Under My Quilt
By Crystal Sellers
So Nanowrimo is gone. another year down.
I failed yet again.
But I got the furthest I ever got. I had over 20K words.
Yay me!
I don't consider it too big a fail. I beat myself.
Plus I got very busy working on my first novel.
It will be on Amazon by Christmas.

I am doing final edits.
I have redesigned the back cover.
I changed up an entire chapter.
And I am on my final read through.
All in the last week!

This novel is my baby. Sometimes when I write I surprise myself.
Because I'm a pantser, (writes by the seat of my pants) I never know what might actually spill forth from my brain.
And when I go back over things I wrote at times I cant
believe it was me.

But I have poured myself into this story for 5 years. And I was not a
professional trained writer. I did read books to make it better and I perfected
over the years. (Perfected the story, Not my writing lol)
I have sought advice from others.
And now I am ready to Let it Go! Let it go!

For those of you that read it, I hope you enjoy it.
I hope you can see little hints of me.
But Mostly I hope you have Wonderful Holidays this year!

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