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Monday, May 2, 2016

You who?

Guys sometimes life can get in the way.
Things get hard.
People let you down. 
Money gets tight. Then tighter.
Kids grow up. They do their own thing.
Work has stresses. 
Your family needs food. Buy the food. cook the food.
Eventually it gets to be too much. 
You can loose yourself.
The things you once loved, lived for, become a memory.
Then your kid can be in the other room, but you realize..
You miss the crap out of them. They are so busy.
So are you. There's no time for hugs anymore.
It happens to us all. At some point. It does.
It's time to sit back. 
Take a deep breath if you need to.
Turn on the music of your past. 
Take a break. Cry it out. Or dance it out.
Whatever it is you do. 
Then try to move forward with a renewed sense of who you truly are.
Don't let life and the struggle it can become, change 
Who you are at the heart of it all. 

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