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Monday, June 13, 2016

Advice for aspiring writers?

Goodreads asked me this question and I wanted to do a post.
There was lots to say to the question of...
 What’s your advice for aspiring writers?
Firstly, You CAN do it!
You have to start somewhere. Don't be afraid. Just start writing. You may have to hide away that first work and hope no one ever see it, sure. But that is okay. Keep at it. Ask for help. But if writing is your passion, then write!
Be okay with bad reviews. Not every one likes the same things as you. So don't take it personally.
I have got a few bad reviews myself. Partly because I wasn't diligent.
I forgot to upload a revised version of my work, And there were some grammar problems.
But hey, it's fine. I am still alive. I still get great reviews.
Just know that there will always be those out there that need to say something bad.
So do NOT let this discourage you.
I have thought about writing for several years. Actually I began as a poet. I even have another blog where I used to upload my poetry. True story!
I started by trying to write my biography. FAILED!
Then I watched Twilight. 
Then I HAD to read Twilight, the entire series, in a WEEK. 
Yes it became an obsession! 
Because of that and hearing Stephenie Meyer's story, I decided I COULD DO THIS.
So I wrote a pree-teen story. FAILED!
I tried a book loosely based on my friend. (Her life cracks me up at times.) FAILED! 
But finally, I began Summer Under My Quilt, and I knew this time I was on the right track.
I had found my writing sweet spot, so to say.
Things took a few years to develop. 
By the time I published I had 2 others in progress and an idea to turn one into a series.
So, if you want it. JUST DO IT. As Nike loves to tell us.
It will come. But if you aspire to write. Write.   

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