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Friday, September 2, 2016

Reasons why NOT to live in the Big Brother house

As a big brother fan getting the chance to be on the show and win half a mill seems like a fun idea.
Buuuut (as Nicole would say), I have 5 reasons why you might NOT want to go for an extended stay in the ole BB house.

Reason #1
If your not big on touching.
They literally Hug after each ceremony. Lots of FRIENDSHIP going around with hugs several times a week. To opt out of a hug could, and does, throw a red flag. And that alone might get you sent packing.

Reason #2 If you aren't into sharing your things.
It is very common to see house guests wearing someone else's clothes or hats. I mean hey, you can't fit very many changes into those BB logo duffle bags. So choices get limited...unless you shop your neighbors bag..Roommate is closer to the correct word. But you get the gist.

Reason #3 If you enjoy tv or movies or video games...ie any thing remotely fun.
Forget staying up all night to enjoy the latest video game after standing in line for a midnight release. Your not leaving the house any time soon..If your lucky that is.
You are cut off from the outside world for the duration of your stay. There is also the fact that no where in that house will you find a tv.

Reason #4 If you enjoy privacy, this house ain't for you.
There are tons of camera's on you every second of every day. Yes, Even in the bathroom. Let me just say, If you haven't even let your momma see you undressed since you hit puberty, you should probably keep out of the big brother house.

And finally Reason #5 that you might NOT want to live in the big brother house is...If your not into drama..
Drama drama drama...it's why we all watch. Gotta see that drama.
If you were locked in a house with that many diverse personalities for the summer you might create a little drama just for kicks. Am I right?
So if drama just isn't your scene, go for a fun Summer on the sofa watching with the rest of us.
Cause hey, big brother is the best summer tv show!

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