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Monday, September 12, 2016

Stress and Anxiety

I know i don't write often on this blog any more.
When it started it was a much needed outlet for my creativity.
Now I'm out-letting all over the internet. haha
I'm writing my next book and so when I do feel up to writing that gets
most of my attention.
I have my YouTube channel and the editing process of that can
bog me down.
But i felt the urge to blog today. There is a topic on my mind, Stress.

Most of you may not know this but i suffer from depression. It comes and goes.
But i have dealt with it since some where around my pre-teens.
I am very good at hiding it. Most who know my personally probably would not guess this.
I do not take medicine for it. I am good at powering through. I do use essential oils though.
They help. But I mostly use them for the anxiety.

Depression goes with what I wanted to talk about,
but this isn't just a post about depression.
Like i said I wanted to discuss Stress.

I am planning a cruise with my sister and my 2 best friends.
That sounds fun right? It is. But it can be stressful if you have a mental
illness too.
I have noticed in the last week that I am very emotional. I can cry at the drop of a hat if i let
myself. I have been trying to keep my emotions reigned in.
Because I do know that its stress related.

If you have a mental illness like me, and it is keeping you from enjoying
something like a fun trip, or a vacation, or just life in general, try to remind your self this:

Try to push through. Remind yourself that life can get in the way if we let it.
We should all be happy. Regardless of your situation. Regardless of your fiances.
Just be happy. BE YOURSELF.
Push the Stress and Anxiety away. Push it out.
If you need to, do it physically.
Raise your hands, take a deep breath, exhale and push away from your body.
Send that negativity out away from you.
Put one foot forward and go from there.

Okay, Crystal you think that is going to fix me? Fix my life? Push the air away?

I admit, that may not "fix" you. Did saying that help my emotions? No.
But its a start. We have to start somewhere. And its a mind set.
Your mind set is everything. TRUST ME.
So just give it a try. I hope it helps you at least a little.

(p.s. Yes i know that sometimes I don't capitialize my i's..There is a reason for this.)


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