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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Silver Dollar Fun

I know I did not post Thursday.

I was at the Dr. with a UTI.
Mackenzie's family came up and we all went to
Silver Dollar City Friday.

It was a nice day to go it really wasn't too hot.
But being the first weekend of Kids Fest it was super packed.
The lines were at least an hour long.
We were also disappointed that we could not pin down sponge bob.

We had a fun time anyway.
The funniest thing was watching my Husband and my friend Charla on the barn swing.
Sitting side by side, He with his hands in the air laughing and having the best time; Her with face scrunched all up,
eyes closed, screaming her head off!
We lit a fire that night and made smores in the back yard,
and grilled Kabobs the next day.

I was sad the next day when Mackenzie told me that she
missed her family and decided to go home with them.

I am now feeling better and looking forward to other things planned for
this summer.
4th Of July is coming soon and I am busy planning that.

I have also started reading Steven Tyler's Rock N Roll Memoir.
I LOVE it!!!

Stay tuned for more on that this Thursday.

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