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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What when where and just why not?

We all learned about the 4 W's
In school.
And why

They are a big part of the everyday life
Of us all.
Each one begins a question.
I want to ask a few questions today

What would you do differently if you could change how you are living your life?
Why are you repeating the same patterns if you are still unhappy with the results?
Where is your life heading?
When are you going to act, and make a change?

What would that person who believed the most in you say if they knew you were not living the way you truly want to?
if you are not allowing your self to have what you deserve.
What is the number 1 most important thing in your life? Do you put it first before anything and everyone?
Is it the thing that really should be in that number 1 slot?

One thing to accept is that you and you alone are the only person who can take the first step to do what will get your life back on track.

If you do not know what you want from life are you really living one?
Or are you just in limbo?
Are you just waiting for the perfect life to fall into your lap?

Because i am here to say, that day will never come.
If you want a change, a better you, a better life for your self and your family, it's time to act.
The time is now.
There is no guarantee of a tomorrow.

Are these the memories you will be glad you made tomorrow?
Sound off I want to hear your answers to these questions.
Drop a comment or two below and share.

Friday, November 18, 2011

My date with Vampires

Where to start?
So many things to say.

OK so the last 2 movies in the Twilight Saga I have gone and waited for hours to see.

For New Moon I stood out in the rain a bit to get tickets then waited in the theater for 2 hours so that I could hold 7 seats.

Then for Eclipse my dear friend,
who happens to own the theater in my home town,
held tickets for us.
Thus letting us pull up in front, get out and go in.

Oops. Sorry to the long, long line of Twi-hards
that had been waiting for hours in line.
My little family just skipped right ahead and went inside.
Yeah, it may have been a faux pas. But hey, what can i say?
Probably not a thing to make any of them any happier.

So this year I got our tickets early because
we were not able to go back home to see Breaking Dawn part 1.
And I have to say. It was so peaceful.
In fact I did not have to wait in any lines.

As far as Twilight movies go. Wow.
There were a few laughs, a gasp once at a shirtless Jacob Black.
Possibly a sigh from myself, at a very cleaned up Rob P
on honeymoon, as the very suave Edward Cullen.

But there were not hoards of screaming giggling pre-teens.
No rude families that happened to pick that show,
that night of all places for family night.
Knowing not one thing of Twi-anything.

No one loudly talking through the whole thing.
No, it was perfect.
My only distractions were a few phone calls and texts
from some of my lady friends, who must have forgotten
where I would be at today.

My dear husband even went along,
and tolerated my love for the Twiverse.

OK so the movie,
the main event,
Breaking Dawn Part 1.
What was my number one favorite thing about it?
Edward was NOT wearing LIPSTICK!!!!!!!
Yeah! I was so happy.
I have been too distracted by the last 2
(NM, Eclipse) to look at anything but his red lips.

The wedding was very beautiful!
They did Alice justice, it lived up to the wedding
she would have created.

I absolutly loved that Charlie was on the brink of tears
through the entire wedding and reception that followed.
And leave it to Jessica to think that Bella might be "showing."

A few times there were awkward moments.
Where I was thinking, "Weird"
And the birth scenes were a bit graphic.
I was expecting this. I admit I did see some
of the leaked photos from a while back,
showing some of these scenes.

But the honey moon, what everyone was waiting for, was great.
I was waiting for Edward to shyly say, "I bit a pillow."
But oh well, the feathers and destroyed bed room was worth it.

I was a bit nervous about the bedroom stuff,
seeing as how my 10 year old son was in attendance.
But it turned out ok.

Rob, you most definitely clean up well.
The honeymoon was great, he looked so yummy!
insert a bit of OCD here.   ....

Obsessive Cullen Disorder

Wiping a bit of drool, I continue...
I liked it much better than New Moon or Eclipse.
But it still can't top the original, Twilight, for me.

It was a great day for Team Edward fans.
We were finally given a good looking Edward to look at.
Summit was not trying to up the Bella/Jacob ante by making Edward look bad.

All the wigs were changed again.
They did look better than the last.
I did miss the original Alice do though.
Rose had much better hair this go around, yet something was
off about her leading man, Emmett.

I love the Emmett character in the books, he is a big
ole teddy bear that cracks crude jokes.
The love between the Cullen family is such a wonderful, powerful
thing. Yet it does not comes across on the big screen.

And of course a movie isn't a movie without action.
According to Hollywood anyway.
So expect action between the wolves and Cullen's, beyond the book version.

I did hear that it made a whopping 30.25 million on the midnight showings.
Topping the record that Eclipse previously set. 

Oh and it was quite a welcomed surprise to see the woman that started it all,
Stephanie Meyer herself, attending the nuptials of the bride and groom!

Go Team Edward!!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Understanding the hype

What is all the hype about?
I was asking my self this question the first time I watched Twilight.
I do not see why this guy is making girls every where go crazy.

But somewhere in the middle of the movie I was hooked!
I fell totally and irrevocably for Edward Cullen.
The entire Cullen family infact.
The love story, and the man behind Edward, Rob Patz.
I really can't tell you why.
My theory is maybe its just remembering first love.
Remembering the purity of it all.

I am awaiting for Friday when I will get to go see the latest in the saga, Breaking Dawn part 1.

The excitement is addicting!
I have waited in line and in the theater for 2 hours to see some of the films.

This year I got my tickets early.
I am also fighting sinuses and my voice is going out.
I really hope that I will feel better tomorrow than I do today.
It will not be fun to hear screams from giggly teens with a sinus headache.

So what is the hype? What is it that made a fandom as big or bigger than the trecky's?
Maybe it's the magic that is in the story and on the screen.

Hope you have a magical time at the theaters this weekend!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Time Matters, Even One Day!

Your life is not your own.
One big mistake I think that people make is living for only today.
Not thinking about what their actions will lead to tomorrow.
Or the next day, Or ten years from now.

With my son for example,
I always try to think about how I am raising him today,
To make him a happy fulfilled grown man later.

If I yell at him today,
Will he cower at a big life problem when he is an adult?
If I do not spend enough time playing with him,
Will he not be able to fully love someone as an adult?

I only have one child so I don't have to worry about
things like, what to do when they physically fight.
Or when one breaks everything one of the others ever gets.

To me, these are signs a child is calling out for help though.
Some parents just don't take the time to think about how the decisions
they make DO affect their Child.

It does, it just does.
The people you chose to let in your life influence the person that your
child will be when they grow up.
The neighbor kids will have a similar affect.
The school your child attends, the environment they are surrounded with.
Even your job has weight on the future of your child.
If you hate your job, or are too tired at the end of every day,
Are you going to be cranky? Will you feel like playing board games?

Time matters, it may seem like today is just one day in your long life.
What difference will one day make?
If I stay in a bad relationship for just one more day, one more week,
what harm can that do?
It is my life.
My spouse, My job, My time to spend how ever I want.

No its not. If you are a parent, its your child's life.
His mean step-parent, Her tired, cranky Mom/Dad, Their memories missed out on.

You show your children how to be an adult every day.
You are teaching them what is acceptable,
What is right and what is wrong.
Weather you believe it or not,
They are watching you, they will emulate you in their own life.

One sure way to know if you are living the way that you know is truly right,
Ask your self,
Would I want my son or Daughter to live this life?
Would I feel like I did a great job raising them if they were in my
exact situation?

I hope the answer is yes.
If it is not, Do not be afraid to make changes.
Would you be too scared to run on that Train track to pull your child out of the path of that thousand pound Choo Choo headed right for them?

Absolutely not!
So why would you be driving that Train right now?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Serious finger to key action!

One of the main reasons we love to read
is because it is nice to live in a fantasy world from
time to time.
It can be a wonderful escape.

Writing is the same. Only this way you get to decide
what happens to the characters.
Sometimes I just have to put finger to key,
you could say. (well, how many put pen to paper any more.) :)
Just to see what comes out.

That is what NaNoWriMo is really all about.
Just writing to see what the end result may be.

That was what my alphabet blogging was all about as well.
So here I am up to the Letter "S"
And I have to admit, it was a rough road.
Some days I just could not come up with a good idea that went with that letter.
And others I would think of a Brilliant idea.
But forget it when it was time to write.

I am having lots of fun with my 1st NaNo experience.
Even taking time to read the forums and the twitter chatter.
This is day 3 and I am over the 7k mark.
Only 43k more to go!

I challenge my brain with these fun writing events.
What do you do to challenge your self,
Mind or Body?