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Sunday, March 25, 2012

For my readers...

She reached across the table,
Placed her hand on top of the familiar wrinkled, now spotted, hand of her grandmother that lay resting on the white linen table cloth.

She seen a tear escape her blue eye and slide down her grief filled, tear stained face.

Watched as a sigh left her lips, lips that had soothed her own little girl, troubles, aches, and pains during her youth.

She knew that her grandpa was in a better place. She also knew that the sadness that radiated from her grandmother was joined with relief.

Relief that he was now no longer in pain, that he was happier, and in a better place.

He was playing cards with the angels.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


Hey all!
How has everyone been?
I know, I just can not keep up here lately.
I still have yet to work on my
Manuscript, and it has been on my mind lately.
Last summer I wrote the bulk of it in 3 months.
Now I need to dig in and make it perfect.
Writing takes a certain mood and lots of quiet time that I haven't had much of lately.
My house has been taken over by 4 of the cutest little weeny puppies you ever seen.
They are not peaceful thou, unless you are watching them play.

So Easter is soon.
And my Thirty-one business is taking off.
My calendar is filling up fast.
I am wearing my poor hubby out!
But he's just glad that I am happy and doing something I enjoy.
I haven't heard from you all in a while.
Leave me a question below and I will pick one to answer it in a future post

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Big 31 weekend

I had a big thirty-one weekend.
Had lots of fun Saturday.
First was my niece Creedence had her first birthday party.
That was fun watching her eat her cupcake and smear it into her pony tail.

Got to visit with my sisters family from up north, including N.M. Facile my author friend I have told you about.
She has a new book coming out later this year. I'm excited for its release!
I will keep you informed about that.
Meanwhile you can look up Across the Hall and read it while you are waiting.

So I went straight from there to a prom party event held by men's warehouse.
Where I was a vendor, and I was able to showcase my thirty one business.

My mother and my thirty-one mom, Rachel helped me out. And I even got my husband to hang around for the event.

Then on Sunday I was able to attend my first real Celebrate and Connect meeting.
We get training, tips, and info to help us grow our business.
And we even got a free product from the company.

It's so much fun to meet new ladies and learn about this wonderful company!

So I had a great weekend,
And now I'm enjoying one of my favorite things, Twilight is on FX tonight!

How was your weekend?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glitz and Glam

I am very behind again with my blog.
I am a very busy lady lately.
We have a puppy that needs fed by hand and a house I can not keep clean, no matter what I do.

I have been working on a dress for Mackenzie the past few months.
Her pageant was this past weekend that I was making it for.

It looked very cute on her.
Not bad for my first try at something like that.
I took my tutu skills and bow making skills and mingled them together to make one Princess Tiana dress.

She did a great job on her princess and the frog dance.
My son even got on stage as the frog turned prince- again, to dance her off the stage.
It was very cute!
I wish I had it all on video.

We went all the way to Oklahoma city.
Stayed at a hotel, swam in the pool, played in the hot tub, fixed hair and re- fixed hair.

But we had lots of fun!
The pageant was so much fun.
I loved watching the kids on stage.
They are so adorable!
I especially loved the pouty faces from the 5 and 6 year olds.

As I was writing this I learned that one of my favorite little girls from the pageant, her name is Jaclynn, had a seizure yesterday and they are on their way back to the hospital to rule out meningitis.
Step 1 Find a Dress!
Let's keep this little girl in our prayers please. 
Step 2 Add Sequin Straps

Step 3 Sequin the waist
Step 4 Show this teaser photo on Facebook. (Which I did)
All Done!

Lastly Wear it! Show it off!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Catch up

Im so behind on my blog!
Last week I had half of a post for you on American idol but have been so busy I didn't get it finished.
So If you follow AI you know this week is the first week you can call in and vote!

So here are my favorites so far.
I feel these will be in final 10.
Colton Dixion is in my top 3.
He didnt want to audition this year after getting sent home last year on judgement day. He was just there for moral support for his little sister.
She unfortunately did not make it through Hollywood week .

Phil Phillips, I love him!
A pawn shop worker who has all this talent!
I think he's my favorite.

And I really like Reid Grimm as well.
Very talented young man.

Ok so that's my top 3.
Also making it after being sent home last year is Brielle Von Hugel.
Adam Brock was a cliff hanger last week on Tuesday night but made it through with many tears of joy.

I feel great talent was sent home that should have made it, including Lauren Grey and Nick Starr.

I hope you all had fun voting tonight.
I have yet to see this weeks shows.
But I am excited to see how it turns out and who the 13th guy was.