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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Glitz and Glam

I am very behind again with my blog.
I am a very busy lady lately.
We have a puppy that needs fed by hand and a house I can not keep clean, no matter what I do.

I have been working on a dress for Mackenzie the past few months.
Her pageant was this past weekend that I was making it for.

It looked very cute on her.
Not bad for my first try at something like that.
I took my tutu skills and bow making skills and mingled them together to make one Princess Tiana dress.

She did a great job on her princess and the frog dance.
My son even got on stage as the frog turned prince- again, to dance her off the stage.
It was very cute!
I wish I had it all on video.

We went all the way to Oklahoma city.
Stayed at a hotel, swam in the pool, played in the hot tub, fixed hair and re- fixed hair.

But we had lots of fun!
The pageant was so much fun.
I loved watching the kids on stage.
They are so adorable!
I especially loved the pouty faces from the 5 and 6 year olds.

As I was writing this I learned that one of my favorite little girls from the pageant, her name is Jaclynn, had a seizure yesterday and they are on their way back to the hospital to rule out meningitis.
Step 1 Find a Dress!
Let's keep this little girl in our prayers please. 
Step 2 Add Sequin Straps

Step 3 Sequin the waist
Step 4 Show this teaser photo on Facebook. (Which I did)
All Done!

Lastly Wear it! Show it off!

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