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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brains are for thinking!

I had a post all typed up for today
I am going wait till Tuesday to post it.
As I was getting ready to put up today's blog
I came across an article that seemed a bit familiar and struck
a nerve.

How is it that in this day and age, after all that we have gained as a
society toward understanding others and the strides we have made in
the past 50 years to accept differences that some people still have
yet to learn to use their brain?

I am putting it as nicely as I can folks.
It seems  that Monday a family trying to fly out of J.F.K. airport missed
their flight due to security guards aggressively screening a 7 year old girl
with cerebral palsy.

Due to her crutches and leg braces she can not go through the metal detectors
and must submit to a pat down.

A pat down? Are you kidding me?
When I was 12 years old I went on an airplane for the first time with
my grandmother.
Having Cerebral Palsy myself I walk with the aid of crutches too.
They took me aside and ran a metal detector across me.
That is normal.

To pat down a mentally disabled child who does not understand the need for a
strange man to have his hands on her. Not Normal in my book.
The family does fly on occasion and her Mother always insists the security guards
should introduce them selves to her first.
These men reportedly handled the young girl aggressively instead.

Are they seriously thinking this family would be using their child to smuggle
a gun or other dangerous object onto a plane?

I have gone through times like this one in my day.
It is very frustrating to say the least.
If people would learn to use their brains things like this would not happen.
Little girls with disabilities would not be afraid to fly.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Paper love...

I have a very odd love for office supplies.
I walk onto an isle with paper, notebooks, day planners and I am instantly drawn in.

I am not sure what causes this phenomon but I love office supplies.I start to look at the day planners and the journals I begin thinking oh, what can I use that for?
Ooo! A pretty folder!
Yeah, I might need that...
I have collected many a day planner in my day.
Some I never even used.Maybe it's my love of writing that leads me to paper products.
When I went to vo-tech a few years ago I realized a need for organization.
All the great things that you can get to organize your desk and make it your own is a great tool.
I may not keep the rest of my house as organized as I would like.
But my desk I try to keep in line.
The paper isle is the key.
Do you have any unusual loves or obsessions?

Lights for Liam

Late last night I stumbled across a Facebook post
about leaving the Lights on for baby Liam.
My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to check it out.
I Love Liam Lyon Facebook Page (I am not posting
photos here of the boy, out of respect for the family,
since I have not asked permission. But you can
see the beautiful baby on the links I post.)

I learned that last night people all across America were
leaving their porch lights on for support and prayer for a baby boy
named Liam Lyon.

This little boy is about a year old.
He was born with half of his heart, diagnosed with
hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

Yesterday the Facebook page
Lights for Liam was started.
Those who live in apartments were even posting
that they had no porch light so they left every light in  the
place on.
Lights For Liam Facebook Page

This little boy is on the heart transplant list.
He has fought a hard battle for over a year now.
His parents have decided that they will not put
him back in his bed. Instead someone will hold
him at all times.

Reading it I felt how lucky I am that my son was
born healthy.
I was uncertain as to if he might have any problems, due
to my own disability.
Even though I felt that he would be OK. There were doubts,
even so.

So I said a prayer for the tiny boy, who even though he was only born with
half a heart, it was obviously the heart of a Lion.
He and his family are brave fighters.

Cherish those you love.
And remember the ones who are not as fortunate
as your self.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

What is your Superpower?

Its Tuesday, so that means a new post from your
favorite housewife.

As an am-mature author with my own love for reading,
I feel guilty sometimes when I am starting to read a new book.
I think, maybe I should be spending this time on my own manuscript?

Most of the time I read these days when I am in bed before
I am going to sleep.
That really is the time my brain works best.
Although I am in rest mode, laying down with my preferred
Kindle device of the moment.
So I continue to read other than get up out of bed to go type.

Thirty One keeps me so busy as well that I have over Thirty-oned my boys.
They get tired of hearing about it sometimes.
I know.
I am sorry, I am just a hard worker when I enjoy what I do.

I am so proud of myself that I earned my first kit for FREE this past 2 weeks.
My husband likes to say that I am a strong starter but not a good finisher.
I think he believes this because I am a lot like my grandpa.
I have many interests, and I will do one for a while and then try out a new one.
I still enjoy them all.
I have a whole room in my house devoted to my "fun."
Scrapbook, yarn, beads, books filled with my poetry,
and more!

There was a time in our lives that I got us through with selling
beaded jewelry.
I am thankful that even thou I was born with a disability, that God gave me
my brain.
You know I grew up surrounded by children who were wheelchair bound
and even their little brains couldn't work for them.
I was blessed to have mine, to have my artist personality, and at least one hand that
can type as fast as some can use two.

So while you may have something that hold you back from doing
what another can do, I am certain you were blessed
with your own superpower.

Happy Tuesday :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Titanic 100 years later...

Titanic in all it's Glory 1912
So I thought today was the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.
But I was mistaken, it's actually the 15th, that will be the 100th.

It's a huge event in our history.
The unsinkable, sinking.
The mysteries and great numbers that were lost.

With the movie associating the vast boat to Romanticism, we view it as though that were the true story, even though it was only a portrayal.

There are no living survivors any longer. The last died in 2009, she had only been 2 months old when on board the Titanic.

I have always been intrigued by the gigantic boat, I went to the theater to watch the movie as a teenager. I have even watched a few documentaries on the subject.
But it's not a day in history that I would have wanted to live.

Do you have an interest in History?
I enjoy learning about the past.
The ways in which things were done.

Things have changed so much.
Even this last 100 years the changes were so big that it's nothing like it was in 1900.

Clothes have gotten much lighter and smaller for one thing. :)

I could have been a history major, I seem to have a knack for retaining useless information.

Useless because it doesn't pertain to me or anything I am doing.
Not that history can't teach us anything.

We still use marine time safety that they learned from the sinking of the Titanic, for one.
Titanic as it now rests at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Celebrate Good Times!

Are you Celebrating?
Well I am!
Guess Why?
Ok I will tell you.
Because today is my

I started this blog one year ago today!
Yup I finally hit a milestone.
So What do you think?
Still Loving it as much?

I'm going to try and change things up a bit this year.
More on that in my next post. Which will be Tuesday.

So How should celebrate this occasion?
Pool Party?

How about a give-a-way?

Ok so here's how it goes.
Invite your friends to like my blog.
Have them come here to this page and Comment when they do.
They can say a quick hello, and I need them to give me YOUR name.
Tell me who invited them...They can then participate in this give-a-way as well.
The person with the most added friends will win a item from me from
Item to be announced in a later post!
I will Run this for the Month of April.
So get those fingers ready and start adding friends!

April Excitement

I have so many things going on in my head today.
I have 4 windows open on my explorer and they are for different things.
Easter is this weekend.
I have yet to get my son's basket stuff, Ahh!
We are taking a trip.
I have 7 Thirty-one parties book this weekend!
I have another blog for next week rambling around up there.
My Mary Kay lady is dropping off stuff today.
My Mary Kay lady will change after today.
Due to my Mom has signed up!
Congrats Mom, hope you get what you want from your new business.
Even if it's just cheap beautification products!
I have a few recruits in mind that I am hoping to help get into
the business of Bags!
Thirty-One that is.
I am a Purse lady so right now my excitement is trying to earn
an 8 piece kit for FREE!

I hope that you are have a wonderful Easter with your family.
I love seeing little kids all dressed up in pastels.
Whats the Easter bunny bringing to your house?