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Monday, April 29, 2013

There Back!

Guess what I just did?

I just watched a NEW episode of
One Life To Live!

That's right prospect Park finally held up their end
and returned our Soaps!

I was skeptical I will admit.
Until I actually got to watch it with my own eyes
I was not sure it would happen.

Now here is my break down of all the New-ness.

First it seemed as though nothing had changed.
Seeing Vikki and Clint was like coming home.
But that was pretty much it for the same old Familiar.
Sure we have the majority of old faces back.
Just maybe not so much the old personalities.

Bo and Nora are loud and something is just off for me.
Natalie is all kinds of Not-herself. I knew they were progressing the story line 5 years but I was still surprised to see a 5 year old Liam come walking up to his mommy.
Talk about SORAS haha! Last we seen little Liam he was just being born and Paternity tested Right?

Who can believe the Destiny transformation?
Not me!

Blair is always the same and Tea is crazy but that sounds about right.

As for the fact that they are solely online now I can tell it is going to be a lot racier.
One scene in the Shelter actually stunned me!

Of course David and Dorian are still completely hung up on themselves.
Yet we love to watch them do so.
Our young innocent teens are not so young or innocent anymore.
And they set us up for intrigues and mystery right off the bat. I just won't say how
in case you haven't seen it.

Hope I haven't given too much away for those who haven't seen it yet.
What are you waiting for????
Here's the link http://www.hulu.com/one-life-to-live
If you still don't know, its free on hulu.com but if you want to watch it on your mobile devices you will have to pay for Hulu plus. And I have heard it is also on itunes I have yet to pop over and look there though.

I am off now to watch All My Children's Return.
I will post my thoughts on it tomorrow.


  1. I have to say, I love your enthusiasm! LOL. Glad your show is back on. :D