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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

View from the End

So much to say,
I'll begin with the view.
Today on The View was the tribute show to One Life.
I teared up when the hosts gave Erika Slezak a standing ovation.
What an amazing moment in television.
Of the 43 years that OLTL ran, Erika was on the show for 41 of them.
Robin Strasser who played Dorian Lord Erika's character Vicki's long time frienemy was also on the view.
Watching the two of them as friends is wonderful.
They can not even talk about working with each other without tearing up themselves.
Also joining them on the view was Robert S Woods, Hilary B Smith, Kassie and James Depavia, Judith Light and more.
Even Robert aka Bo Buchanan lived in Lanview and our hearts since 1979.
So many have met their spouses through daytime.
Including the Depavias, Judith light, even Kelly Ripa of Live with Kelly, formerly Regis and Kelly,met her husband on All My Children.
On to the show and final episode.
What a way to end!
You seen that twist coming right?
Well I didn't. Wow I was happy with the end. It did raise a few questions of how the stories will go after the crossover to GH with those going.
It was a touching an emotional ending to a great Era in tv.
A show I will miss greatly. Come Monday I will not know what to do with myself.
I hope that you other fans were as pleased with the send off as I was.

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