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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Never again

If today was your last day..

What would you do?
Would you be happy with what you have done?

Would you know you were the person you wanted to be?
Is there something you would change?

Did you do all that you wanted?

Would you call up old friends?
Would you pray?
Would you cry?
Would you be satisfied?

If knowing all these things you
could never do again what would you pick?

I would sing,
I would be proud of my son
and how I have raised him.
I think that I am happy with who I became.
If It was the last day there would be no time
to change anything. But I am satisfied and have made
my changes already.
No I did not do all that I wanted.
I want to travel.
I would not call up old friends because I
would play with my so and love my husband.
I would cry, because I always cry.
When I went to bed at night I would pray.
Just like I do every night before going to sleep.

I hope all of you know exactly what you would
do, if today was your last day.

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