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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Block Wall Hammer

So I've been having a writers block lately.
I was down with a sore neck for a few days last week.
And I had all this time on my hands,
because I could barley move.
Yet nothing to write about.

I am pushing through, so to say.
I'm just going to write about my writers block.
Maybe then it will go away.

Are any of you writers?
How about have you ever thought about trying your
hand at writing, just haven't yet been brave enough?
Well what are you waiting for?
It will not write itself!
And I know for a fact if its muling around in that
head of yours and you neglect to write it down,
it will go away.

Yeah, I have lots of great ideas running around
on that big wheel in my head.
But when I do not jot them down, they run, very fast.
They leave and I never can get the wording right after that.

Writing does take time to get good.
I am no where near good.
I have been writing for years and years.
My first try at an actual story was a group effort in the
8th grade.
Before that I flew solo on poetry.

I mulled larger projects for years before actually setting down and trying.
My first real effort was a young adult book.
It was OK. Lots of errors. But it had a beginning, middle, and an End.
I even have a few that have a chapter or two, then I got stuck.
I am still working on bettering my favorite attempt so far.
Although I have to admit that I have not touched it since November.

But the point is, do not be afraid to put your dreams into action.
Even if I never get published, I have done what I wanted to do.
I wrote.
I tried.
Which means that I did not fail.

And hey look, I think my writers block has past.


  1. Hey Crystal,
    It's Melissa. I really like this blog! I know what it is like to have writes block. I have had it for quit some time know i have wrote a few things,1 short story, 1 book that only has 12 chapters, and lots of poems. But I haven't wrote anything in awhile now. But I hope one of these day I will get reed of this writes block. I really love and enjoy writing. But I am not very good at it.

  2. Hi Melissa good to hear from you. I miss your comments. Just hop back on that writi horse and it will work out.

  3. Hey crystal, thanks, I keep that in mind. You best keep on writing too!