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Sunday, June 5, 2011

An 80's unreality

Sometimes do you wish you could have an 80's movie life?
You know, lots of teen angst
A theme song
And a musical montage for no apparent reason.

Be the un-noticed and somewhere along the way get everything you ever dreamed.

No I dont really wish this.
But its a nice thought.

I love 80's movies.
The hair is just great!
But I don't miss the heavy dark blue eye shadow. Haha

I was watching Teen Witch the other night.
That is another nice thought.
To be able to clean the house
By sitting on my butt.
Isnt that the ultimate wish of the housewife?
To have a clean house and not have to actually do anything.
Oh ya, that would be perfection!

TV and movies are not reality.
We don’t put a spell on the guy of our dreams.
Unless we are lucky.

We don’t get everything we ever wanted.
Because usually its not what we need anyway.

We don’t burst into song at any moment.
We would definitely tell mom if the babysitter was dead.

We take each day one at a time.
And try to reach the goals that we have set for our lives.
Talking to people to solve conflicts, without song.

And in truth reality is way better.
Learning the hard way works
and gives us the foundation for future things that will surely arrise.

So while I love 80's movies
I also love the opportunity to actually live life.
To learn and grow
To work for things that do not come easy.

I can leave the musical montages inside my head!

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