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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Work Perfectly

So i have talked before about how electronics are taking over.
But what about when they will not listen to you?
When you are screaming at the computer for itunes to just do what you want it too already!

I have been fighting with electronic devices alot lately.
When i worked at the church Pastor Hayes, who I simply call Barry, would sometime ask if he should throw his hat in before entering my office.

Hey, Im not that bad.
Mostly. Haha

So i guess you could say its a normal occurrence for me to be angry with my electronic devices.

Itunes though is the worst!
Its a big pain in the booty.
Someone should tell apple we are not happy with the limtiations put upon us.

If i was not addicted to my ipod I would chunk it!
And that there proves my theroy
That computers are taking over.

Some of you are laughing at me
Thinking that Im not smart enough to work a computer.
I feel like itunes takes a scientists to work at times!

But im just stubborn enough to keep trying till I get it perfect.
I picked that up from a certain lawyer I once worked for.
If its not perfect Im not happy!

So don't give up.
Keep going untill you get the results you want.
Or perfection
Which ever comes first!

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