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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pretty little liars

So I actually just caught up on one of my new
Favorite shows.
Pretty Little Liars

The new season starts in 5 days!
Anyone excited?

I really like ABC family shows.
ABC family has become the new ABC
They actually have good shows that run for more than just one season.
A few times I have gotten really into a show that ABC had and they canceled it after only a few
episodes. Some even after one.

Right now the best ABC fam ones are:
Secret Life of the American Teenager
Melissa and Joey (starring Joey lawerence who tweets me back!) woo who!
Switched at Birth (new just has one epi out)
and Pretty Little Liars.
I miss Greek so much! it ran for 5 seasons and has now ended.

PLL is based on a series of books by
Sara Shepard.
I have not read them.
If they are as good as the series I am interested.
I think my kindle app on my ipod may cost me a PRETTY penny.

I love ebooks.
I really like the free ones.
But new popular ones are not free unfortunately.
Has anyone read the PLL series?
Is it any good?

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