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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bed Room Project

Yesterday Mom and my brother came over to paint
My son's room.
Got it all painted (Lime Green)
Got the bed moved in.

Now we have been moving all the stuff back in.
He has a lot of stuff!

You would not believe the stuff I found.
A toilet paper roll with tin foil on one end.
This was apparently used because he had no pocket one day!
Yes I am serious.

This was a conversation between him and the hubby.
"Looks like this cardboard is in the wrong pile.
This is trash right."
Son: "No, that's my cardboard pile."

He saves boxes his toys come in so he can craft.
Again, Yes I am serious.

Ok here's the bad part.
He is totally my son.
I keep things I MIGHT use one day.
I am getting better about it.
But I was just as bad as a child.
My Mom would clean my room when I was gone,
So she could throw stuff away! LOL

But here are pictures I promised you.
I did not get a before of the bed. Sorry.



He Loves it so all the hard work paid off!


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