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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Read a Movie, Save a Soap

2 things today.
I finally got to watch the Final
Harry Potter Film!
It was good.
Better than Part 1.
It progressed very fast.
It was  very close to the book.
Yet if you have not read the books you
may be lost in this one.
I actually read the entire series between the last two films.
And I loved them!
If you are a fan of the movies I recommend giving the books
a good read if you have yet to do so.
They are well worth it.
My son got the first 3 from a friend of his
for his birthday this year.
He started reading and was compelled to watch all of the movies again. haha

So secondly, If you read me regularly you know I am a Soaps fan.
One Life To Live has been soooooo great the past few days.
Its always good.
But this story line is great.
Fraternity Row is "their" soap.
Watching my soap stars in love with their own soap has been
so funny!
Then Roxy picks up a tabloid and screams!
Her soap has been canceled!!!!!
I love it! It was priceless.
Now Roxy is on a mission to save her soap.

I have found a Facebook page that is trying to do just that.
Word is that Prospect Park may be on the fence about bringing
Daytime to the online site, as promised.
Go here and like the page if you wish to help out.

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