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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Blinded by the thought of Love?

With the dogs, and the kid, and the husband.
Plus friends, text messages, and trying to switch phone plans.
I have been finding it hard to get a few quiet moments in which to write.

If you have ever written or tried to write something,
you know that you have to be in the right mood as well.
Otherwise you just get a bunch of rubbish on a page.

Something I have been talking with a friend about is not settling.
That can apply in many areas of life.
Like me not settling with mediocre writing so I chose not to post the other day.

In other cases it can be a more weighing subject.
Such as your partner. Your spouse.
If you are single I wish for you to have the best person in the world.

Love can blind to the faults of those you care about.
While this can be a good thing it can also bring you down at some point.
Settling for a person because you don't want to be alone.
Or maybe you wish not to divorce, can cause a waterfall of problems.
Problems that can trickle down slowly or so fast you really don’t know how you ended up in that situation at all.

You can tell yourself that you love them and it does not matter.
But your choices affect everyone around you. Not just yourself.
Especially if you have children.
If you are uncertain of your choices just look to your children.
They have pure hearts and know when it is wrong for them.

So don’t put on a blind fold where love is concerned.
Open your eyes to the great possibilities that God has in store for you.

If you like some, find yourself in an abusive relationship, whether it be mental or physical
Ask yourself why am I here?
And if you get get out, PLEASE don’t go back.
Do not settle for someone who is not right for you.
Who when you are with them you compromise yourself.
Remember what I said about being TRUE to yourself.

Depression can be cause when you know your not living that life you wanted.
When you know you have settled in your life and even if you try to lie to yourself
the depression sets in anyway.

Sometimes our soul mates come in a package we might initially look over.
But I want to encourage you to take that second glance.
Just because a blinder is on the box doesn't mean a diamond isn't hidden inside to fool you.
My cousin Missy did that to me once.
I unwrapped and unwrapped until I found a pretty rose necklace inside this huge box.
And you know what?
I still have Missy’s necklace.
I believe I was only 8 or 9 at the time.

As a child I could be fooled by the outside package.
But as adults we should know by now too look deeper.
What the inside holds can be something you will want to keep for the rest of your life.

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